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14 Mar.'15, Friday: Capital One called re suspect transactions. They were right and that's a good thing (especially for them since they would have to pay). I was informed that a new card was being sent Second-Day Priority thru the USPS.

18 March: No card (Tho' the USPS tracking site said "delivered").

19 March: I called Capital One and was assured that the card would arrive "tomorrow, Friday at the latest".

21 March: No card (so much for Second-Day Delivery) Then I called and demanded to speak with a supervisor. I told him the history and he was so perplexed that he put me on with his superior...

Resolution? They deactivated my new, undelivered card and are going to issue me another one, and send it to me (are you ready for this?)

Second-Day Priority!!! That means, if I'm lucky, I'll get a new card next Tuesday or Wednesday - ELEVEN days later.

Meanwhile my credit card auto-pays are being refused, my creditors are getting upset, my credit score is going down, I cannot do business online, and I must access "big" cash for all local transactions...

Many years ago, I lost a Master Card while on vacation. I reported it that afternoon and by four o'clock the next day a private delivery service gave me my replacement. When I told the Capital One people of this they apologized but said they could (would!) not do the same - even after their SNAFU.

I just Googled "Capital One complaints" and discovered they are among the worst. My experience confirms this, so I'm writing this to WARN those who might be tempted by the "What's in Your Wallet? ads: the answer is "NOTHING!"

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Capital One Cons: Given the runaround, Account mishandled and wrong info.

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Umm. So, you looked up the tracking number at

It said delivered? Wouldn't that be on the United States Postal Service? Not Capital One.. they did what they said they were going to do.

They mailed your card out next day. How can they possibly be responsible for someone at USPS not properly getting your card to you? We all know how "amazing" those postal workers are and how much they are always 100% accurate. Take a step back and think about this complaint.

You are blaming the wrong company. Had capitalone never sent your card/sent standard shipping, your complaint would be valid.