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My wife and I each applied for new Capital One credit cards. The cards arrived yesterday.

My wife activated hers, used it once, tried to use it at an ATM but had problems with the PIN #. Called customer service. Tried to make another purchase, declined. Called again and told card had fraud hold.

I activated my new card a couple hours later. Used it 3 times locally for small amounts over a couple hour time period. Then got declined for a $3.98 transaction. Called Capital One and told I now have a fraud alert on my account.

We both faxed in all of the requested documentation yesterday. Told it takes 4 business days. This is unacceptable Capital One! How ironic that we each have exactly the same thing happen the same day with two different accounts and two different people.

We have two other Capital One credit cards and an auto loan. I think we'll be taking our business elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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I tired and tried to cooperate with the fraud dept at capital one nothing happens .They tell me that I had to send another copy of my social security card and my id they can't read it its to blurry.So i ask the woman on the phone how big should I make it,Igot no answer .I have not use my cards in a year they have a 0 balance.Still nothing.This company is horrible .

Harry Rollins
Financial Expert
Your question is quite specific. You may try to reach out to the Capital One top management team by writing a formal letter to the company corporate office.

You may also share your experience with other Capital One customers by posting your comments via their social media networks to get a faster response from the company. Please check out full Capital One contact details on the Contacts tab on the Pissed Consumer website.

This is the worst company. They are loan sharks. Stay away!


Don't send it! Same me thing happened to us.

We had the card for well over a decade and the conversations took place on our phone of record. They jacked us around in too many way to write up. It was absurd they found it "suspicious" and that ultimately was what made us suspicious of them. We refused and got another card, but we were not charged an annual fee, so we did not have to deal with that issue as others did.

Too bad, we liked the card. My prediction is that this will play out like this: Before too long, their system will be "hacked" and we will all receive a notice to that effect and provided one year free credit report monitoring. They will eventually pay up on the class action lawsuit, but Capital One will make far more selling your identity than they will pay out in that lawsuit. Don't do it.

It's seems obvious they are up to no good when they are willing to totally jack around and lose good customers who are obviously legit. There must be BIG money in selling your identity.


I'm new at this. But since they ask me for more identification.

It would be best to say that they would use this information in another way if they encounter future problems. I believe that since they have so many customers and so many Identifications on people that they could set up a fictional branch or bank set-up, or even sell it to another company and use that information that way. I believe by 2022 there will be like a conglomerate of companies that will regroup and find themselves a company just for that purpose. And my name will or may not be on it.

Who knows? The future is scary!!!


That was martin who wrote to Judy-"who knows? The future is scary!!!


ahaha wooooow you were so right they did announce they were hacked just a few months after this post wow


Capitol One is a fraud!! I have two of their cards...went to Target..both cards declined...Have been trying to reach Capitol One ever since. No RESPONSE....I'm closing both cards and letting the world know Capitol ONE is a FRAUD..trying to ruin folks credit.


At least they left everything else in tact. They are fully going after me


I also got the Venture card, got it in the mail and tried to activate it, and it said it was restricted. I called customer service, it immediately went to the fraud department. But all she needed was the last 4 of my social and my phone number.


Same thing happened to us. We didn't lose any money though but I am getting all money out of my savings there too; this bank is incompetent as far as I am concerned.


Same thing happened to my husband and I. Can't get the card activated even after sending info in.

They said we have to wait 48 hours to call and verify the phone number is ours. Canceling the card!!


Oh I’ve been going through the same thing for over a month now. I’ve had another Cap 1 card for a few years now, applied, was approved, used it a few times with no problem.

Even used it in Mexico with no problem. Return to the U.S., BAMM, fraud alert. I call them up, and they verify I am who I am by sending me a unique code via text to the number on file, everything is good to go. Next time I go to use it, nope, fraud alert.

I end up submitting a copy of my drivers license, SSN card, and an old internet bill (two weeks old), they call me refusing the internet bill because i had terminated the service (the bill showed my address). So I submit a copy of my cell phone bill. BAMM, I receive a phone call that they won’t accept that because it’s for a cell phone, even though it shows my name, address, and account number. Finally I submit the the cover sheet of my bank which shaped my name, address, account number, and balance.

BAMM, I get a phone call on a Saturday morning at 7am saying that they need time to call my bank while they’re on the phone with me, kinda difficult as it’s 7am on the weekend and bank is closed at that time!Finally I’d had enough, so sent an email to Cap 1’s executive office detailing the list of events, and told them I was cancelling BOTH of my capital one accounts. I then called Cap 1 to cancel both, and you know what, even though I’m accused of fraud, they had no problem cancelling that card. Amazing how they can cancel an account by a person they’re also saying they can not verify.Two days later, I received a call from Cap 1 regarding my email. I told the gentleman a brief summary that reasserts my email, and he seemed to be in shock also that an account can be cancelled even though their fraud department is calling me a liar/thief and need even more documentation.

He’ll research it and get back to me.We’ll see what happens. I’m done with this data mining from Capital One!

If they fix things on their end, fine. If not, they can forget about that $40k car loan I was approved for, I’ll take all my business else where.


Soon as the guy called me "boss man" and told me "it is what it is" I hung up the phone, thankful that I read online that real banks dont need any I.d. to activate a credit card....CAPITAL ONE IS FRAUDULENT, THE POLICE SHOULD INVESTIGATE THEM.


I received an invitation to apply Venture card. filled application, went thru credit check, got approved, and received Venture card today.

Having trouble activate on either smartphone or online, I called Capital one bank then was asked to provide three more documentations. I just said "No thanks" and hung up ...


Applied for a business card. They requested I fax my EIN letter from the IRS.

No problem. Makes sense. I wait 10 days, get the card in the mail. Yay, go to activate it and i'm transferred to the fraud department.

They say I need to fax or upload my photo ID and wait 3 days. Slightly annoyed, but sure whatever i'll do it. 4 days later, someone from Capital One calls me and says that my ID isn't good enough and that they now need a copy of my social security and a utility bill. I tell her I lost my social security card and can I send a birth certificate instead?

I guess thats not good enough. It's the ultimate piece of ID right? It will take 3 weeks to get a replacement social security card. In the meantime MY ONLINE BANK ACCOUNT & RETIREMENT ACCOUNT WONT LET ME SIGN IN.

GREAT! So because I applied for a new card, you are going to restrict my online access to my bank account of 10 years? WHAT A *** JOKE OF A COMPANY.

If I had read these reviews I would have never applied for another Capital One card. You will never have my business again when you treat long time customers like this.


I've had the same thing happen to me. I only got the card because financial pages said it was a good way to build up my credit.

I applied, got approved, then had to reapply after waiting nearly a week to get the card. The credit report was pulled that day. I received my card in the mail shortly after that.

Activating it is like pulling teeth.

Spoke to the fraud department last Tues. and they told me I needed to send over a copy of my ID front and back. Did so and waited three days only to call again and find out that they needed a copy of my social and a utility bill with my address on it. I have to wait three more days to be verified.

I was planning on using the funds I'd been approved for for my rent and a bus pass.

Now I don't know when or IF I'll be able to use it. I asked the second fraud specialist if they would any more information and he couldn't confirm himself to a yes or no answer.


Did you ever get approved?


Yikes. These reviews are making me nervous about doing business with Capital One.

I applied for a card over a month ago. They requested proof of ID and social and address, so I faxed that all to them. They told me the fax was too dark to read, so they were denying me. But since they state in the application process that I have 35 days to comply with their application rules, I mailed hard copies of everything they wanted.

The post office LOST the registered return receipt parcel, but found and delivered it after a week. Capital One rep told me that they would have to do a SECOND hard inquiry. Not good. The first inquiry lowered my credit score by 10 points, so I didn't want a second hit three weeks later!

I asked to speak to a manager and was transferred to an office in the U.S. We talked for a couple of days, she prevented the second inquiry and told me the card was approved and in the mail. To be honest, I'm afraid to try and use it when it comes. This outsourcing is a big problem for consumers.

The people don't seem competent or knowledgeable and gave me different information every time that I called. I only applied to try and boost my mid-600 credit score, but the scoring system is arbitrary and makes no sense at all.

There has got to be a better way. I'm going to look into credit unions.


I have a Capital One card (no annual fee) I picked up about a year and a half ago with no problems and in good standing. This time my wife applied for the Capital One card (double miles, annual fee), we got the card and tried to activate.

We were told the same thing in comments below.....fraud activity and we needed DL, social security card, proof of address (mortgage bill, etc) to activate. Being she didn't have the original SSC (only the receipt portion)....it was not acceptable. I told them we already have the other card why so much security....beyond what seems like she was applying for a "secret clearance"!

What a waste of time. I'm going elsewhere.