Lafayette, Louisiana
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After 2 weeks of going with a $0.00 balance in my checking account as the poor college student I am, they closed my account without a single email or phone call or letter. This is not the part I am upset about, I didn't know they had closed my account, and I went to the bank to get a new card because I had a temporary card because my other card never came in the mail -.- .

Anyway, They told me that my account had closed, yet they let me get a new card anyway! One that was completely useless? I assumed that they could open my account back up after them letting me get a new card, so I asked them for a slip so I could change my payroll at my job to direct deposit, and they even proceeded to give me that with all the information! They let me switch HOW I GET PAID to a CLOSED account.

So now, I have to wait another 3 days at least to get paid on an empty tank of gas and no food! Thanks IDIOTS!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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