Houston, Texas

I am very hard to please.....that seems to be a understatement when describing myself. I've been told I whine and bark like a female dog about everything.

Bet your bottom that I will always whine and bark and be that person standing up for the people that over look things, So that we would see the next recession coming. (ask questions and expect answers) Just to put this in prospective here are a few companies I no longer do business with, Radio Shack, Walmart(nothing walmart did personally, they do owner their word and we already know what to expect) John Eagle Acura, plastic bottle water (of any kind due to how the plastic is made) and the list goes on and on. I feel that companies now of days are not here to help consumers. They sell you a product that breaks in a month, or even a products for your children that contains high toxic levels.

It is all about a profit no matter the cost. -To the point-..... I decided I wanted to increase my credit score so that I can be a bigger help to my husbands company. I got a capital one secured card because I was told that a secured card will definitely be reported every month faithfully.

That was the best decision that I've made. Less then a year my credit score raised along with my limit. I recommend capital one to everyone good, bad and average credit alike. The reps were always friendly and wanted to help.

They always ask is everything OK before they finish the conversation. Who ever set the standards for customer service did a really great job. They really do report to the 3 credit B's every month (owner their word). I do recommend that you pay off your credit cards in full both secured and unsecured every month or your review may not be as great as mine.

Also there is about three days after your payment date you should try and avoid using your card. The average debt ratio is about 25-45 percent so keep that in mind. Never max out your card......hard times do happen so if you do make sure you can pay it off before your due date. Letting you know if you max out your card it will still show on your credit report even if you pay it off before your due date.

Keep in mind businesses do not see what you see when viewing your credit report. I like to let people know things they should look out for before I recommend any business. If you follow those few rules Capital One will help you big time and with their pleasure. Capital One could terminate all their services to me and I will still say that they have great customer service and do owner their word (I rarely say that).

Thank you Capital One for caring about the consumer as you do your business. For all the people that complained about Capital One, Please take time and look into if you failed to do anything I mentioned above.

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