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I had a Capital One credit card, and thought I paid out my full balance in August of 2012 before I relocated from Toronto to Edmonton. Then I noted in the last 2 or more weeks that I was receiving a series of calls without any voice mail messages being left.

The numbers included 1-888-575-9138, and 905-216-9835 with the majority of the calls coming from the former number. I finally decided to find out who it was contacting me on my BB. I learn that this creditor company was calling on behalf of Capital One, and I let him know about the ridiculous frequency of their calls a day. He mentioned they use a teleprompter.

As far as I knew I had paid off the account in full. Anyway the long and short of it there was apparently a small balance outstanding, which I was unaware of, and I had to contact Capital One to close the account. I paid off a balance that was under $200.00 online, and did as I was advised and contacted Capital One. I had to wait so long because apparently despite me providing my former address, ph.

no. they couldn't find me! I was annoyed, because most of my account information was in boxes still, and I didn't have that info available. It was ridiculous that here I'm being told by a 3rd party to contact Capital One, yet they couldn't find me.

Finally after getting so *** frustrated waiting so long I found an old statement luckily from 4 years ago, and they could retrieve my account. Does that make any sense? Anyway it took over an hour to resolve this situation, including being kept on hold. I took the name and employee # of the rep., and will be waiting for my letter stating that my account has in fact been closed, which I didn't do in my rush to relocate.

It was a very frustrating experience. I will not use the services of Capital One ever again!

I learned a valuable lesson to try my best to stay out of debt in the first place. If you need a credit card, choose another company that demonstrates more respect, and professionalism regarding its customers.

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I agree with you, Capital One has got to be the worst credit card company I have ever dealt with. I called them to close my account, but they said I have to pay off my remaining balance before they can do that.

Like you I receive anywhere from 10-15 calls a day and no voice mail and it really *** me off. When I am ready to pay them, they will get their money, and the more they harass me the longer it will take.


I agree, Capital One is by far the worst for customer service that I have ever run into! You would think that a financial institution would be a little more perfcinal. Once my account is paid off, I will be closing it and never returning.