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I have received 8 calls from agents whom say they are calling about my Capital one card, however they wont say what the call is only that there is nothing wrong w/my card.Unless I verify my Soc Sec last 4 digits & date of birth. I refused to do this, asked/told all of them to remove me from the call list.

Received another call yesterday Tommy(heavy accent) went around w/him, was told to call 8009507070 and talk to them if I had a problem. Got Manning, who was no help even tho he had my account up, then to Mary (Supervisor for 2 years) who also refused to help me cause I wouldnt verify my SS# and phone# then ended up w/Stewart "account Manager". He was no help all rude heavy accented hard to understand, refused to take my number of their dialer, couldnt tell me what the call was about. All found my account by name only and I was told "it's the law they have to have 3 form of verification to be sure they are talking to the right person".They are calling me!

They told me I was the only one in their system with my name so what gives. This is TOTALLY BOGUS, I am in the financial Business and this can be overridden by management especially when it pertains to an upset Customer. All I want is the calls to STOP! I dont use my Card, have kept it just in case.

I have opted out of their "marketing". The agents calling my home are there in the same building, the Phone number they are calling from is not the Customer Service number (9507070) and the callers are not truly EMPLOYEES OF CAPITAL ONE they are CONTRACTED TO DO MARKETING. The Supervisor according to Stewart is not really a SUPERVISOR, she did not even tell him what the call was concerning so I had to re tell EVERYTHING!

Only to be told SORRY I CAN NOT HELP YOU, yes he hung up on me. I plan on calling their customer service every single day and harassing them!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I do not know what is going on with CAPITAL ONE.I filed BANKRUPTCY in 2011.Althought i had paid CAPITAL ONE in full before the bankruptcy ever went to court.Capital one sent me a letter stating i would not be able to use either of my Capital One Credit Card's since i filed bankruptcy.By the way i had the Capital ONE MASTER CARD and Also the Capital ONE VISA i was never late on either credit card.So after i recieved the letter from Capital One along with all my other credit card's i cut each up and DISPOSED of each.Now it has been exactly one year since i filed for bankruptcy right and All of a sudden i am getting these letter's from Capital ONE to REAPPLY FOR ANOTHER CREDIT CARD.WTF.Capital ONE is the company that informed me i could not use the credit card's because i filed for bankruptcy.DUD!Either Capital ONE is at a very low point in their business matter's or They flat out lied to me about my credit card's usage.Either way i enjoy paying by cash.This way i never have to owe anyone.HUH.


I get 3-4 harassing phone calls from Capital One every day. Surprisingly, I do not have a Capital One credit card, or any other credit card for that matter.

I have paid cash my entire life (50 years) and don't intend to fall into the "trap" of easy credit. It started 4 years ago when we moved into a new apartment. In the 1st year of living there, we got well over 100 bills in the mail from Capital One addressed to the previous tenant. I kept writing "Moved-Return to sender" on the bills and sending them back to Capital One.

The bills kept coming, so I called Capital One on the telephone. I told them they were sending bills to the wrong person, and I have to drive 12 miles to the nearest post office to mail the bills back. I gave Capital One my name (stupidest mistake I ever made) so they would take my address off their list. Kept getting more bills.

Phoned Capital One again and told them I would open any and all mail from them. 2 months later, Capital One sends a new card (in the previous tenants name). A week later they sent the PIN number to activate the card! Talk about lax security!

Long story short, Capital One has my name in their database, and are now HOUNDING me from 9 am to 8 pm with phone calls offering me a Capital One card with the "low" interest rate of a whopping 29.9%! I have moved, have my number registered with the do-not-call list, and Capital One has still managed to find me and hound me with their offers of credit.

Capital One does NOT care about peoples SECURITY.

Sending a valid card and PIN number to an address that is listed as wrong is the worst breach of security I have ever seen. Kiss my debt-free *** Capital One!


i receive constant calls from capital one even though i make payments i have told them to stop and they will receive the next payment in 30 days but they call back an hour later. they are beyond rude, call as early as 7 a.m.

and as late as 10 p.m. they call on sat.

and sundays, and they could care when my son tells them I am terminaly ill. I know people will lie and say they are ill but in my case its true, in fact I think it actually caused them to increase afraid i will die before i pay off bill.