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We are asking for hardship on our auto loan due to loss of income. This is a total scam.

To qualify you must be 60 days behind, but you must have made a payment in the last 30 days. How can you do this?

They refuse it give you information on how much they would reduce your payment or when the next payment would be due until you make a payment.

I think this is a total scam and we should all get together and file a class action law suite to stop them from taking advantage of us poor people. Email me if you agree.

Monetary Loss: $13.

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This program worked for me too after becoming unemployed... I was almost 90 days behind but making payments and never getting caught up.

Cap 1 refinanced my loan with a lower interest rate and lower monthly payment which allowed me to get caught up and eventually pay off the loan. Don't say something is a scam, just because you don't understand it.

Harry Rollins
Financial Expert
According to WalletHub, the Capital One hardship program is a temporary adjustment to a Capital One credit card terms to help out customers with financial troubles. This could include lowered interest rates, settlement for a portion of the total debt, or the ability to temporarily not make payments.

Capital One does not directly advertise such a program. Capital One’s hardship program isn’t the same for all customers. The exact terms will depend on your individual situation. Depending on how much you owe, the reason for your troubles and how long you anticipate them to last, Capital One can help design a solution for you.

You may try to call Capital One Customer Service at 1 (800) 227-4825, enter your full 16-digit card number, and ask about your options. Please note that you should get a written copy of of the hardship program’s terms by mail.

Seriously!! How do you think you can file a class action lawsuit because their program has rules?

Get real. They don't have to do anything for you other than repo your car when you hit 90 days.YOU agreed to pay your note on time. That's on you for whatever reason. That said, the second I knew I was having problems I called, they put my past due to the back of the loan and extended the loan to lower costs.They helped for a couple of reasons.

I met the criteria like a freakin' job that allowed me to make good on the program.

If you don't meet the requirements like having money to pay, they won't play with you. The second reason is they don't want to be in the car selling business.


Hello my name is Paula Rolle I'm going through hardship right now my husband passed away January 6th 2018 right now I cannot afford to pay my car payment and I need some help please call 786-277- 1940


My name is paula rolle how to hardship right now my husband passed away during the 6th and the coral and I just don't know what to do I need some type of help to keep this car payment down low someone can donate me something a car something I just really need help I have 3 kids and I cannot afford to continue paying my car payment I'm struggling right now try to make payments and my lost my husband left me with $11,000 car payment please call me or 786-277-1940 and try to help me out


File complaint with FTA and attorney general.


Thanks this is what most or all should do, because they really don't try to extend the help!


The Capital One Auto Hardship program is in itself a fraud. In order to qualify a payment is required.

Wait what? I went to these people because I can't make a payment. In order to qualify you have to be gainfully employed. Wait what?

I went to these idiots because I'm unemployed.

The program is useless and no more than a gimmick probably in place to satisfy some government regulation to offer a loan assistance as a "gesture" before all out repossession. It is a scam.


"qualify a payment is required."Well Duh..... Of course a payment is required.

That goes without saying.

If you can't pay what do you want them to do, let you slide forever driving up their costs that they pass to others?It's bad thing that your job tanked out but you can't blame them for wanting their money or the colleteral back. Class actions, contacting the FTC make no sense.


It is possible to be 60 days behind and have made a payment in the last 30 days. If someone is 90 days past due for example and make 1 payment they are now 60 days behind with a recent payment.

All a person would have to do is let it get to the 90 day mark then make the payment.

I really don't see how wanting some form of good faith effort to pay a debt is a scam. There are numerous real scams out there; this isn't one of them.


I totally agree. It is such a fraud!


i done the capital one hardship program and it worked for me . they reduced my payments from $540.42 monthly too $401.00 monthly


What is maximum amout I can make to qualify for the hardship program per month?


Blank you sound really ***. Ppl have unexpected life issues daily, that we just deal with it as it comes.

So for you to day ppl should pay what the agree to pay is BS....

U need to shut up and act like you know the economy is bad for everyone unless your rich. Ppl like you make me sick


yes it true capital one auto loan is full of ***.you need to have a job to get a hardship.that is ridicules if you have a job you don't need to get into a hardship program.they told me i need too wait 60 days before they can do anything and i need an income of 1500 to qualify.i had my payments for almost 5 years on a vehicle i paid $20.000 and it was on $15.883 and they said i owe $5.789 more they are just ripping off people and i have been unemployed for 2 1/2 yrs and they don't care.


Dont listen to these people. The obviously do not understand the circumstance's.

I do. I went through the same thing with my *** Captial One auto Loan. I made all my payments ON TIME for a year.

when I lost my job I tried to work something out with them and they pulled the same *** with me. I totally agree with you!!!


Why is it soo wrong to make a payment you agreed to pay? At least the company has a hardship program!

I don't feel sorry for you.


you are a *** and i hope your in the same position at sum point


Go to ***!!!! You *** who think you can sue because they want you to make your payments are nothing but worthless deadbeat trash@! :cry :cry :cry :cry


Okay nimrod