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I have 2 credit cards with capital one bank and all was well to i noticed that my credit wise score instead of rising its dropping for no apparent reason...both cards are fully payed on and even before a due date is given.. wow like disappointed and the only bank i trust is capital one smfh

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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a scheduled payment never then out of checking acct for cc payment. Now my life is upside down bc CAPITAL One Is obviously pulling this on many.

Had nerve to tell member payment refused by institution per customer request!! Tf?The results: lowered (?) credit score impact, and loss of trust from partner who depended on me to pay it and is NO longer speaking to me Thanks a loti'm convinced after reading these reviews, they are just another loan shark, not a bank

to Anonymous #1520585

A couple problems here. Why did it take you 30 or more days to notice a payment didn't come out?

Why 30 days?

Because they don't report late payments until they reach 30 days.Secondly, it sounds like you have more than one late pay on your credit history. A single missed payment shouldn't dramatically reduce your credit score.This is on you for not bothering to take care of your business like an adult.


Sounds like you're jumping to conclusions. How do you know Capital One caused the score to drop?

It could be something completely different, or just how use personally are using credit. If that's the case, Capital One has nothing to do with it.And if you found an error with your report, have you tried disputing it?

to Anonymous #1474846

Sounds like you are way to invested in this company. Do you own it or some type of shareholder?

Anomously attacking a consumer for expressing his negative experience with a product/service on a website created for that specific reason in fact seems a bit like the crap these large companies do to us puny consumers everyday. If this is the case you should just take your big over grown ego back to your desk and start pushing your pen around and actively ignoring the fact that in your employers eyes you are just as useless and replaceable as the rest of us. They wouldn't hesitate to screw you over like they do to us so don't get too comfy. Or maybe you are just someone who likes to kick people when they are down either way your still...

U need to be humbled "Anonymous" I will add that I am also a Capital One member and I have had an issue with my account being put on hold just because I paid my bill from my savings account instead of my checking account which I have paid from before and it is with the same bank I normally make payments from. It took me 3 days to get it resolved and 2 days after a conference call with my bank and capital one together. However I am happy with my service so far. I have only been with them for 6 months though so the jury is still out.

They have yet to increase my limit as previously promised come to think of it. I should look into that.

to BNicePansy #1474931

Thx n yea they just playing around my opinion but even after disputing still ignored sadly n othing gets done for the customers sadly

to BNicePansy #1517627

I'm not a member but THANK you. I wonder of ANONYMOUS is just another name for capital one because ANONYMOUS is taking too personal

to BNicePansy #1520589

"Sounds like you are way to invested in this company."This ranks right up there with they typical loser lament, "you must work for (insert company)" when confronted with logic and a view point that doesn't support your weak narrative.Secondly, your weak moniker is anonymous as well unless this is your true name. I can tell by the use of pansy you're fairly old and entitled.

Probably peaked in 1983 and hate it when someone, anyone tells you no.Please post your true name if you're so hard.

Until then, stop the moniker deflection tacticFinally, what kind of account do you have that you're expecting a credit increase in 6 months? REAL adults with REAL credit don't have to wait for something like this.Entitled poot turtles like you probably do.SignedAnon-e Mouse

to Anonymous #1474929

Its them n only them n yes i disputed but nothing is done yet...

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