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I made a payment on 7/21, my due date, for the minimum amount using their mobile app. I have used the same "savings" account plenty of times in the past, with no problem.

I made my payment and thought that everything was fine. A few days later, I went to withdraw funds from my account. I noticed that the payment had not been withdrawn. I re-submitted the payment after I logged on to the website and noticed that the payment had been "returned".

I looked at my payment history and saw that the "savings" account had been logged as a "checking" account through the app. When making a payment using their app, you just select whether it is a minimum payment, the full balance, or another amount. I selected "minimum". It then asks you to select from accounts that are already listed on your account.

I selected the same savings account that I had used previously to make a payment. I received a confirmation number and was all set. I was told by a supervisor (Nick) that it doesn't matter if their system says checking or savings, as long as the funds are there, the payment will be withdrawn. However, because it is a credit union account that uses the same account number for checking and savings, it DOES matter.

According to them, my payment was returned because my account was closed. As I said, I used a savings account, not a checking account. I asked how could the payment have been logged as not received due to a "default" in the system that changed my "savings" account to a "checking" account. They refunded the late fee, but hiked my minimum payment up by $27, the amount that they said is part of the principal balance.

I've been told indirectly that this is my fault, that they cannot change the amount back, that my payment was not made on time, that my payment was made on 7/22, instead of 7/21. I have spoken to at least 6 reps, including rude managers that argue back and forth, telling me "its your bank" or "if you would have made the payment on time, you wouldn't be in this situation." When I ask to speak to a person higher up to help me, I was told at least twice, "I AM the highest supervisor, no one else will talk to you." The last supervisor that I spoke to, Nick, told me that he would talk to my bank to verify that the account was, in fact, open when it happened. He continued in saying that my bank is responsible to pay the difference. There is nothing they can do to help or lower the minimum.

When I told him that my payment history said they tried to withdraw from a checking account, he said that he did not see that information (although the rep that reversed my fee said he DID see where it was listed as a checking account). Nick then, very argumentatively, started saying that he wasn't able to call my bank, nor was he able to help me because I kept "cutting him off". I asked could I email or fax him a copy of the payment history that I see, he said it wouldn't matter. I asked could I call to get my bank on the line to verify the information, a suggestion that he made earlier in the call.

He said that he would hold on. I added my credit union to the line but realized during the connection that he hung up! I have tweeted them and was told that a rep would call me.

A call that I have yet to receive. What do I do now?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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