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During the global pandemic, I have used my available credit wisely as I was furloughed from my job for over 4 months. No missed or late payments.

Capital One, who I have had several accounts with for many years with NO missed or late payments ever, decided this was a good time to lower my hard won credit limit that I have used responsibility. Which in turn will lower my credit score. After 2 1/2 hours, and 4 CSR ans supervisors who could only say they were sorry and had also been blindsided by this upper management decision, I was told "sorry can't help you, and no one here can".

I guess Capital One not only is not in the place to help their customers during this horrible time in our countries history, they feel hurting their loyal long term good customers is a good move. Shame, shame on them!

Note, this was without any prior discussion, advanced notice or warning at all.

User's recommendation: Go with Chase or Citi if you can, interest rates are better and so is the customer service. Capital One used to be great, not so much any more.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Venture Credit Card.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Capital One Pros: Good for starting out.

Capital One Cons: Do not treat long term customers with respect, Access to customer service.

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Oh come off of it and act like an adult. YOU agreed to this when YOU signed up for their services.

They can cut you down or off with no warning or explanation. I'm guessing you missed that part or didn't read it huh?

Stop the crying and understand your "loyalty" or "longevity" mean dyck when it comes to banks and other entities that are about to take a wallop due to bad debt. Before you say it, check out the moniker...

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