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I have been a long time customer of capital one banking and credit cards without a problem. I started the online bill pay several months ago and was excited to have a new easy ability to pay bills. I downloaded the iphone app for capital one to pay some bills.

I paid them through my phone and it did not look like it went through the next day. So, I made them again. Once I got back from vacation, I got to a computer to check and there was double payments for everything.

However, it was not showing up that way on my phone app. I immediately sent an email requesting that they void the double transactions and never heard back. So, I called the next day and they told me they phone app does not work correctly.

I asked them to void and the rep wanted to charge me $35 a check. What? It was your app that was not working correctly.

I cooled down for a couple of days and called back a second time.

This time things seemed to be more understanding and I was told that the stop payments would be put in place at no charge to me. I wake up this morning to see my account overdrawn. I call bill pay and was told the rep from before told did not leave good notes and there was nothing about covering the stop payments.

Then I went on to explain what happened. I was told it would be her word versus mine and they do not place things in writing. Then the rep told me that even thought the app was acting up (even though I did not know) I should have called before making double payments and it was my fault.

I was like, " so since you app does not work and you failed to let people now, it is my fault because I did not call you?" Yes, that is correct.

Unbelievable that a company cannot recognize a systems issue and correct it for their clients. This is poor judgment of the bill pay side of the bank.

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Capital one Acquired Chevy Chase Bank to gain my business and personal accounts. I have had no issue with Capital One when I visit the branch. However, the on-line bill pay has 3 major issues which have finally pushed me over.

1) You have to go in to each account and pay them seperately. This way the system reflects them as paid. If you fill in each account on their master list, the account will not reflect as paid. This caused some double payments at the beginning.

2) I rely on my I phone App heavily to pay bills. I have not mastered typing on the I phone yet and occasionally mistype my password. When I go to ebert security questions they are never recognized and I need to call customer service.

3) My wife and I share multiple accounts. Capital One refused to give us joint access which we enjoyed with the previous company. When I get locked out I need to get my wife on the phone to reset everything.

AS a married couple, who are both on the accounts with capital one, why is this such a pain? I want Chevy Chase Back.


I agree, I am having a similar problem with bill pay today. They are refusing to refund associated fees. Advice to Capital One customers, DO NOT USE THE BILL PAY OPTION.


LOL add another one to the list, I wonder how much money this company makes off each of its customers. over and over I read this stuff on Capital One how do they continue to get away with this stuff.

Anyone ever read the BBB site on this company?

Im just waiting for the class action case to come my way , its only a matter of time. I have to say this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life with XM radio being a close second.