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This time, it's my turn. Capital One will no longer lie, cheat or steal from me.

I've reported them to the Better Business Bureau, I've contacted my state's House and Senate representatives. I will be sending letters to EVERY single address known to Capital One including their dear CEO, Richard Fairbank.

I will pay what I owe them, only when they meet MY demands.

My demands are fair. They are as follows:

A. Interest rate lowered to 6-9% from 29.99%!!

B. ALL dishonest fees waived (ex: LATE FEE for paying EARLY)

C. Account brought back to current status, in good standing

It's my terms and conditions now, boys and girls.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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I use Capital One for an insurance policy that I have on my's a fixed monthly charge and I always pay it off...but let me tell you what these *** did to me 2 years ago. First of all, I've been with Capital One for 15 year, and NEVER made a late payment. NEVER. In fact, I usually paid more than the minimum due. 2 years ago, out of the blue, my 6.99% interst rate skyrocketed to 25.99%. That's a 400% increase! I called them and asked them what was up; they told me they had sent me a notice with the offer of my "opting out." What the *** does "opting out" mean? Cancel the *** card?

I kept the card, but I will never, ever, EVER run a balance. In fact, I really don't need them at all, since I have 2 other cards with better rates. But I delight in making them do the paperwork and log my payment every month; knowing that they aren't making a dime on my balance...because it's very small (less than $40 a month) and because I pay if off completely.

All these credit card companies are pure ***. I'd love it if the American people would band together and boycott all of them; I'd happily cut up all my credit cards; but only if EVERYONE did it, so it really HURT them.


Why don't we all sue them???


I opened a credit card with Capital One a few years ago. They gave me a $3000 limit.

The whole point of the credit card was to buy some equipment I needed for my new position at work. I made a purchase of $2400 for this equipment. A few months later, they sent me a letter stating they were incorrect on my credit limit and dropped it to $2200. At that point, I was over the limit automatically.

I could not get below the limit due to over the limit fees. Three months later, my husband lost his job and we lost an income of $83,000 a year. Before my next payment was due (I was on time with every payment before that) I called and asked them for a little help for just 3 months so that my husband could find a job and we could get back on our feet. They refused stating they could not help me unless I was 3 months behind.

After struggling for a few more month, I decided to seek help elsewhere and went with a specific company to help me settle with them. Now, I am being sued by them for $4200 and I would not have been in this situation in the first place if they had not of decrease my limit and started charging me all the fees. If I had the money to pay that difference, I would not have gotten a credit card in the first place. I am ticked off and needed some advice.

I have to make the decision in the next few days whether to fight this in court or just set up some kind of payment plan with them. Any suggestions?


I am currently being sued in small claims court by Capital One for $1300.00 dollars..Now listen to this, my original balance was $500.00

By the time they got done wracking me with late fees and penalties $1300.00 is the end result..

I refuse to pay's robbery..

I will see them in court, with my lawyer.

What have you got in your wallet?

The fact of the matter is the whole credit card industry is scam..

My advice use cash and live with less, my new way.


I quit paying them, they sued me, and I won in court. That's how you get back at them.


I am sick and tired of those people who say "well if you read your terms then you know what to expect." Guess what, I have read the terms...they are confusing for Financial Master to decipher so how do they expect the normal average joe to understand them...which is why they are deceitful. I have not been late on my card and I am still receiving late fees and guess what....everytime I call to talk to someone, they hang up on me.

They don't not abide by Fair Business Practice and are borderline disregarding the Credit Fair Practice Acts.

Boo Hoo to Capital if they were really smart, they would work with their consumers (payment arrangements and what not) so they could make more money off them as having them as long standing non-complaining consumers. But its like when you force a teenager to do something...they ain't going to do it so by Capital One forcing the fees on people....they ain't gonna pay which in the long run costs Capital One more money to obtain lawyers and what not....GET WITH THE PROGRAM CAPITAL ONE...A 5 YEAR OLD COULD RUN THE COMPANY BETTER THAN THE CURRENT CFO


Ok.. First of all people.

If your late.. or go over the credit limit.. Its your own fault. Second Read the terms of your card before you Activiate..

Then maybe you wont cry when you do something that cause one of the fees. Capitalone is one of the most leanent companys out there. As long as you know what your getting yourself into.

Always make sure you read your terms.. and understand them..


if yall read your terms you will find out more than 95% of yall are do some reading you crybabies


they should really be ashamed of their tactics. lost job and been trying to make all payments and take care of these debts, they have since sold my account now being sued by a bunch of goons..way to use the bailout money and the screw the card holder more great job....


At some point somebody is going to pay dearly. Consumers are supposed to let the law and moral and ethical principals take over.

THAT IS BS.. Capitol One os going to find out the hard way, literally. Going postal is nothing compared to what will happen to Capitol One and its welfare workers. They lie, cheat and steal.

They have threatened me and my family. Literally.. They are a scam and rest assured, vigilantes are in the final stages. Sadly, but happily, this is what it is coming down to.

People are fed up and now, WE TAKE THE LAW INTO OUR OWN HANDS!!! People sit around thinking, "This will get straightened out". Stop being puppets and take action in whatever manner. The law does not exist for he consumer, so the consumer now becomes the law.

Each and every employee must now watch their backs.

Threaten me and hide it?? Not happening..



I am with you exactly what they did to me after my husband lost his job and my hours got cut down to 24hrs a wk. I made a payment every month it was 3 days late due to my financial situation.

So of course i got charged a over the limit fee and a late fee which as you all know equals out to $70+...Whiched knocked up my minimum payment to $150 for the next month. I called and all I asked for was a little help maybe knock off one of the charges so I could catch up right away. Everyone I talked to at capital one was extremely rude and said nothing they could do I had to pay the full $150 otherwise i would keep receiving both additional fees and they could not waive the previous fees even though my account was in good standing for years...this was all in the begining of 2009 and it has snow balled ever $500 credit limit is now at almost $1300..yes thats right $1300 all extra $800 of over the limit and late fees. I have called them a million times trying to work out payment arrangements to get back on track.

Their idea of payment arrangements is pay the $800 that I am over to bring my account current and if I pay that today they will give me a $100 credit so I would only be paying $700!!!! Are they serious. Hello if I had that kind of $ I would have paid them off a long time ago just to get rid of them. Its such a shame I use to have nothing but great experience with this company until the economy got worse and then they decided to screw over all their customers.

And please dont get me started on the $25% interest rate which of course they wont lower to help out since my account is no longer "in good standing". Amazing I have other credit card companies that were more than willing to help out but not capital one...they act like you are some kind of dirt bag who just doesnt want to pay their bills...Capital one will ruin my credit!


BBB is useless, unfortunately, and a farce. I complained, too, and they just took CO's response for what it was and never respoinded back to me or asked me if I agreed or accepted CO's response, which I didn't.

So they no doubt have marked my case resolved, when in fact it's not. I'm attorney shopping now.


AWESOME! Did the same to me, but my husband had lost his job and they told me too bad! But there hike up of my rate consistantly bumps me over the limit which results and even MORE fees!


could you pass along a "kiss my ***" when u talk to them for me. JERKS