Decatur, Alabama
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I purchased a car in a 2007 Chrysler 300 in 2008. At the time my credit was not superb but it was not warranted to the penalties CapitalOne bestowed upon me.

I agreed to a loan of 18000 dollars and at the end of my loan I will be paying almost 58000 dollars for a car. I was laid off work for over three years but still maintained my best in keeping this car at almost 600 dollars a month.I had to get five extensions that would be added on at the end of my loan agreement but the astonishing fees continued to add up. Not long ago I was really attempting to try and pay my loan off and low and behold my payoff had not changed much and I was still oweing a considerable amount of money. I have called and called trying to connect with someone who could explain why my payoff is still adding up to another year and three months of payment.

I have decided I would rather pay a lawyer this money to check and see how many people have CapitalOne bamboozled this way and find out which way I need to go in fighting this company back for taking all the extra money for nothing. When I finish this loan and if I finish I know I will never deal with CAPITALONE again and I will encourage as many people as I can not to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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U must ask everything you need to know about the loan before signing a contract.. How is it like this and like tht and if i pay this or do this what will happen or ask on how u can save money on ur loan..Most companies wont tell u evrything so u should ask and u r paying for a simple loan and evrything depends on the status of ur acct.

Ur principal bal. Past due amounts. Extensions granted.. Late fees or other misc.

Fees assessed..Whatever happens on the acct u should consult it to them.. Even if its just a simple issue..


It will be a lot cheaper if you just pay an accountant for half an hour's time to explain how your loan works. You'll need to tell them how many years the loan is for (I'm guessing 5 years), how much the interest rate is, and the month/year of each of the five payments you deferred.

Also a list of all the late payment fees if you incurred those.

Unfortunately you have ripped yourself off by agreeing to the loan and by deferring the payments.