Los Angeles, California

After having a death in the family all of our bills got behind. I talked to Capital One Customer service and they assured my that if I pain the balance down below the credit line I would have my card reinstated.

I sent in 2 $500.00 payments within 30 days. Now customer service says they were mistaken. That's AFTER they received my money. I have been unable to contact anybody in their corporate offices, and nobody in the company seems to know how to contact them either.


I also notice that they haven't paid back the TARP funds that other taxpayers and I loaned them to save their sorry ***. DON'T USE CAPITAL ONE FOR ANYTHING1 EVER!

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Had the same thing happen to me promises to reinstate then when its paid they cancel it and will not reinstate,tell me to apply for new card? I was pissed about the whole thing by misleading me . Thanks alot capital one!!


Most lenders have chips on their shoulders. live like a student.

pay off all your bills. purchase only what you can buy with the money you have on hand. save. save.

save. if you borrow, pay back fast.. and eventually lenders like this will have 2 beg 4 business. no one is going to beg 4 a debt.

get a card from a 3rd rate co and cut your spending to bare necessities.

stop borrowing and they will feel it. this is how i live and i love it.