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Here's my issue.

My husband and I had purchased a Toyota from Vacaville Toyota in Jan 2011. Due to my husband's bankruptcy the year before, we were glad to get the Capitol One auto loan. For several months all payments made were either early or on time. But then in October 2011 my husband had lost his job. I few days later I found out that he was forced to resigned because of illegal activites. Because of that he was unable to received unemployment benefits and was denied. I'm receiving social security because of my kidney failure and can't work because of that in addition to having lupus. A month later on Thanksgiving I had my left leg amputated. My husband and I were having serious problems, and not long after he left. I couldn't manage a $1600 lease, utilities, car payment, insurance on just a $1950 a month SSID benefit. So I had to move in with my father. The good thing is I was able to stay afloat with Capitol One on my loan payments. Not long after I had saved some money and moved my son and I into a lovely apartment in which where we still live.

Later on in 2012, about June I had to have my other leg amputated. I have health insurance but some things weren't covered. I had fallen behing with Capitol One. I called to make some arrangements and explained that my husband and I were going through a divorce, plus the fact that he wasn't helping me with this car note. The person was very nice and I was set up on a payment plan. Later on I had some more financial issues and had to call Capitol One and explain. I was told that my account was within the 90 day period and not to worry and was commended on keeping them abrust. Now it gets bad.

My arrangement was set for me to make my payment on an alternate date. For 3 months last summer Capitol One had debited 2 payments for May, June & July on my account, all 3 of those extra payments caused my account to overdrawn. I called Capitol One about the first one and they told me that I had authorized the automatic payment. I told them, no I didn't. I agreed to only having the due date changed. I had nothing documented that I agreed to an auto-pay. The rep then told me that they could not reimburse the payment because my bank had already paid it. I tried to plea my case but was told there was nothing they could do. I called my bank and they returned the funds and reversed the overdraft fee on my account. Remember now, I had already made my payment for that month. There was no arrangement for a double payment.

The same thing happened in June. I called Capitol One and asked what was going on. Apparently the rep I spoke with the previous month didn't stop the auto-pay feature on my account. This rep however said she was doing it as we spoke. I also called by bank again, had the funds reversed because my account was overdrawn again because of this.

By the 3rd time in July, I didn't bother to contact Capitol One and instead called by directly and had the payment reversed. The bank rep suggested having Capitol One blocked from my account. I later called Capitol One about this 3rd incident, and was told that the last rep failed to have the auto-pay stopped. I told them that I no longer wanted to make payments over the phone, but I had a problem being a double amputee and couldn't drive, I wanted to mail money orders. I was still healing from my last surgery and learning how to do peritoneal dialysis at home.

So cut to this week. I get a call from Capitol One's repo department saying I was 84 days past due and when it gets to 90 days, they were going to take my car! I'm shocked because all this time I'm making my payments and had no issues with them ever since the auto-pay issue. I asked for them to explain to me why I'm 84 days past due when I'm making payments every month. Their claim was that I was currently 3 months behind. I quickly thought back to last summer and explained to the rep what had happened. She said there were 3 payments that were returned, and in addition to late fees, accurring interest, my balance due was $1026!! I then repeated the auto-pay disaster, she claims that no payments were made that month. I then told her that I can provide proof that payments were made those months as I was willing to provide her my bank statement but she said they don't except incoming faxes from customers. I asked her how was I going to prove myself, she told me that I had to pay the balance or have my car towed.

I see I wasn't getting anywhere with her, so I hung up the phone. I had my son pull my car note file from my cabinet so I could read my payment history. Those payments did show they were returned, but it also should the payments I made that we agreed on. I also noticed that even though I was making payments, there were no changes to the ending balance. The numbers were the same! I was livid when I called Capitol One to discuss, but because my account was in the collections, they could only discuss recent history. So I asked to be transfered to the regular CS department but to no avail. Because I'm in collections, I must pay the $1026 I owe first. I couldn't login to my account on their website because of this as well. We argued because it was there fault for drawing the additional funds from my account and then claiming that I didn't pay at all when I'm staring at the figures right there. But because its not RECENT history, there was nothing that could be done.

I asked for a supervisor and without a 'please hold' or anything, the call was disconnected. I called back, got a different rep of course and asked to speak with the person I was talking to since I wrote down her name. I was told she was on another line and asked for my account info, I asked to speak with a supervisor but he said that he had to verify my account. After that he went on to explain that my note was 84 days past due yadda yadda ya and I told him that what I was discussing with Eve*** but she hung up the phone on me when I asked to speak with a supervisor. He didn't both to apologize, just said 'one moment please' and placed me on hold. I waited for about 7 minutes when someone came on the line. This guy didn't sound like any sort of authoritive figure to me and he had very bad grammar. I asked to speak with HIS boss but was told that he would tell me the same thing, there was nothing that can be down. I told him that I didn't have an extra thousand dollars, that I explained my situation with my finances, health and divorce NUMEROUS times and he said well, you have until the 19th to get this resolved. My situation wasn't going to change anytime soon or later. I get paid once a month and pay all my bills then. I was ready for no surprise from Capitol One demanding payment for a mistake THEY made.

In the end, I called back and got someone who took the time to explained to me that all I owed was $252.25 MY REGULAR PAYMENT!! This rep didn't know how they could have overlooked my request to stop the auto-pay and admitted that most of the people there are just screw-ups who could care less about a persons situation.

The next day, I got an email from Capitol One for a survey addressed to my ex-husband who I told them I dont know HOW many times that I've haven't been together in over a year. I know it's random but why bother? They're not going to change anything. There practices are terrible. Their reps are lazy and when you get to asking too many questions, they place you on hold hoping you'll just go away. They violate I don't know how collection practice laws and something has to be done. It's not fair that just because you're behind on your payment you should still be able to discuss your account, but I see why they do what they do: if they do find *** with a customers transaction history and see that it was their fault, their not going to take responsibility.

In June

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Ok this does not make any since. If you reversed the payment for may june & july at you bank as you stated then you didn't make a payment those month.

The word reverse means to go or take back. You took back your payment. So this whole review just makes you sound like you don't understand the simple act of making payments on your car.

I would hate to see what your gas & electric bill looks like. You problem are mad at them for cutting off your utlities cause you didn't make a payment.