Livingston, New Jersey

I got a card no more than $300 to use, used it for a few things, the balance was like $236 at the most. Payments of $15 were the minimum, missed a payment.

Sent a statement that balance need to be paid in full, was charge a $39 late fee + another $29 fee tacked on each month including interests. Missed a 2nd payment, didn't use the card til Sept. Payments started in Oct,missed Nov statement, was going to pay $30 Dec but $30 became full payment plus more + interest, card was now over $300 limited use. They shut my card down, closed my account at $400+ which is over the $300 limited amount.

But while the card is closed, I'm still getting charged interest you know. By May I now owed $842+. I later made a payment arrangement, paid $152 since, now I owe a balance of $804 which don't make sense. Lost my job since then, am hurt!

Don't have money but a $25 monthly payment isn't good enough but Im going to send it anyway. Need I remind you, I have no income but I can get or borrow at least $25. One time within 2 weeks I got different owed amounts. First I received a notice saying I can pay $57 by the end of month and before end of month.

It said payment arrangement of $57 is cancelled. Its funny how I got every bill they ever sent me. At one time I got a letter saying they will settle for half of the bill of $432. Need I remind you, the credit card limit was $300 and I used about $236, but now I owe $804 ????LOL.

I was getting harrassed 6 times a day from different capital one numbers each day. One day someone else had my phone, had the nerve to ask then who they are, when am I coming back, and to give me the message when they think I'm coming back LOL. Funny, since then I gave up my phone, got a new number but they still call the old number. Ask them questions about who they are and when did they get that number.

Need I remind you they're are calling a cell phone, it's against the law to harrass anyone especially on a cell phone and it's on the DO NOT CALL REGISTRY! ONCE I pay them Im done. My credit is bad because of them.

Can't use a card but Im being charged and got more screwed for more than I was allowed to use at CONFUSED!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $612.

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Um the harassment is their fault, there are laws against that, and talking to strangers about your debt is illegal. I'm sure you work for capital one or some other harassing debt collector Calypso but adding hundreds of dollars of fees to peoples bills doesn't help the company get their money back or the customer pay them the debt.

It just causes bankruptcy, in which they don't get their money period. Serves them right in my opinion.


I'm sorry, I have trouble feeling sorry for you on this one. The credit card company is not soliciting you, they are collecting, as is their right.

Next time, make sure you are aware of ALL of the terms before you apply for a credit card.

It is not unusual for them to tack on LOTS of fees when you don't pay them, and you agreed to those fees when you applied. I just don't see this as Capital One's fault.