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I applied for the card and got approved. After 3 days of when it was expected to be at my home I called them to ask where the card was.

I also wanted to change my address because I had moved in the weeks that it took for the card to come (or never come). The representative asked me some security questions and when she was done she had told me that what my answers were did not match what I said. They only reason for why I think that happened was because I may have answered my birthplace question differently then what I put down in my original application for the card online. I was raised in one state but when I was born they had to go to a different hospital in another state (long story).

Anyways, she then told me that I needed to send them more identification. I am not comfortable with sending my SSC and what not over fax or email. Spoke to 3 more representatives and was generally denied for a new card to be sent. I think it is really unfair (being a college student trying to rebuild her credit) that I have to be inconvenienced when it was Capitol One that messed up.

I may not have remembered one of my security questions but they never sent it or sent it to the wrong address etc. I just don't understand why I couldn't be reissued the card when I had never gotten it in the first place. It was never activated and I even got an email saying that it had been sent back! You don't need to verify my identification to the fullest when there's nothing going on because I have never even had the card.

They did however tell me that I could go into a Capitol One location to do this but the closet one to me is 3 Hours away! Its preposterous and idiotic and I will never use them even again and will not be recommending them to my family friends.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Capital One Cons: Horrible customer service, Given the runaround, Denial of new card, Reps you cant understand.

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How is it Capital One's fault that you didn't answer the security questions correctly? Would you really rather them send the card with incorrectly answered questions? What if someone apps for a card in your name?


Hello Capital,

My name: Bang Khanh Nguyen

Iam not apply credit card at Capital.Why credit of me is $4,280 dollar ???

Please tell me why????

Please reply by email for me by tomorrow in the morning as below: Thanks,


I'm agree with anon. You clearly Gave your information over the internet but refused to fax?

Also, I have a few cap1 cards and they have never asked me my "birthplace" i only get asked my birthday or last four of SSN. something sounds fishy here. AND, you moved in the 3 weeks of the card being mailed? Most people know they are moving in advance.

You act like this was sudden.. what are you hiding? How are you a college student trying to rebuild credit? You either mistyped that line, seriously messed up in the year or two before.

. unless you just started going to school at an older age.

While that's possible, its not likely. You are inconvenienced, you never had the card in the first place and it's the banks right to extend or deny credit.


I don't think it is fair that you are angry with Capital One for protecting your identity by asking your security questions and then refusing to help after you incorrectly answered them. It also does not make sense to me that you did not want to fax/email your information to them but you were clearly 100% ok providing that information online when you applied.