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I contacted customer service (Capital One recently bought out HSBC) and asked what was the purpose of the $39 fee? Erica, the senior customer service agent stated that it was for road side service that I signed up for in 2004 & that it couldn't be waived.

I explained that I had roadside service through my autoclub and that that I have never used the service and wasn't aware of the benefits of having it. I also asked to speak with her manager, she would not transfer me but did speak with him (Steve) and then came back to me and explained that it couldn't be waived. I explained to her that with that $39, I could feed my family a few meals!!!

Didn't matter to Capital One!!!! No heart, no compassion!!!!

This is so unfair and if they can't waive the fee, who can?

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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An annual membership fee is not for road side service. A lot of capital one cards carry an AMF.

You pay it to use their card. Close the account or switch to another card without a fee.

They actually do exist.