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My wife made a deposit at Capital One into our checking account, and later that day used their online banking to transfer that amount to our savings account. Soon thereafter, we received notice that we would be charged an overdraft fee because of insufficient funds due to the checks not clearing.

I contacted them and they told me "This fee was not caused by a bank error, but we value your business and are happy to reverse $17.50 (half of the fee) of the overdraft fee as a one-time courtesy refund." This, of course was total ***. There's no way they should have allowed an internal transfer like that. It took me sending 6 messages back to them trying to invoke common sense, and it never worked. They always referred to the use of ATMs, debit cards, and checks causing the issue despite the fact this had absolutely nothing to do with those things.

It was clear that the random person assigned to each of my responses didn't actually read my responses.

Somehow, this got up the chain such that we got a nice letter from a VP stating that they made an error and were refunding our fee. Still, if this is how they want to treat their customers, I would stay the *** away from Capital One, and we are currently in process of selecting another bank.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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OMG! The same thing happened to me as well!

I just deposited a check on Tuesday and it cleared showing that the $241.00 was AVAILABLE so later the same day I transferred $150.00 to my savings account leaving my checkings at abt $91. Then the NEXT MORNING I was charge TWO sums of $35 one for insufficient funds for the $150 I transferred and the other for an overdraft cause of an automatic payment that came through for a credit card...and I was LIVID because ALL DAY Tuesday when I deposited the check it was stated clearly as AVAILABLE, now is that my fault? So at first they told me the same thing...they could only refund HALF of ONE of the fees. I felt that was a bunch of major *** so I asked for a manager and she only said she can refund one of the fees, so I asked for her manager so now I'm awaiting a callback to work on getting my other $35 return.

I feel that it was NOT MY FAULT it posted the check as available, cause if it shouldn't have allowed me to transfer to begin with if they so call say the funds are "not available till next business day".

My thing is i have been with capital one since I was 17. I'm 22 now and have NEVER EVER been late on credit card payments, had any insufficient or anything negative going on with my accts, so I feel they should respect my seniority and good payment habits and own up to there mistake and give me my money back.