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I have used a credit card from Capital One for 5 years.

This month, I had weird experience with them.

I paid in full on due date, but next day I was charged past-due fee and interest. I can't understand how they can do like this.

They are a big company, but have poor computer system.

I have a proof of my payment on due date. But they just ignore me.

They just repeat the recorded message: "To avoid interest charges, you need to pay your statement ending balance in full each month before the statement closing date."

Of course, I did!! I paid in full on due date!!

I don't understand why I should invest my money for their poor system.

It is better to throw away my money!

What can I do to correct this issue?

I think this kind of cheating company should stop their business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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You obviously do not know how banking works. Just because you submit a transaction to a bank on the due date does not mean that's when the payment will start processing. It may not start processing at your bank until the next business day and then it could take 2-3 business days for it to be transferred.


I just got late fee and interest charges two consecutive months but it was Capital One fault for processing the payment! Capital One credit the late fee of $25 but not the interset charges.

I have physical mail letter and proof and request my money back!?

I have file this to FTC and consumer but I will file again! "What is in my wallet?" your dam hand stealing my money!


happened to me 2 days ago. i called them up and told them that i was going to file a complaint to the FTC. they reimbursed the late fee.


sorry forgot to mention a few things: i had been a good standing customer so claimed all their letters to me stated and always paid in full prior to due date guess they don\'t like people who pay in full cause they then can\'t make any money on us!! good luck with them dalton but my suggestion find another credit card!!


i too had capital one and always paid full amount when due.....a couple of times they claim they never got the check in the mail.....hmmmm now how did that happen? they seemed to have gotten it any other time and the month before they got it and the month after the " missing check" they got it.....i finally caught onto to them when it happened twice and closed my account with them!! of course after making sure they had gotten the check in the mail!!


I paid on due date at 5 pm EST. The headquater is located on Salt Lake City, Utah.

So, this is not the case. Thanks for your comment.


I paid on Due Date at 5 pm ET. The headquarter is located on Salt Lake City, UT. So, this is not the case.


It is closing date, not due date so it probably is when it hits midnight at their headquarters