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after nearly a year of avoiding dozens of 3am calls from cap one and mumerous phone # changes about my account i decided to call in and pay my bill to cap one to settle my debt

10:32 am Feb 18th 2010

I called cap one 1-800-258-9319 to settle my debt because i went online to see how much i owed and it gave me and error message and said to call the # above.

i gave the lady my information and she immediately gave me a number to take help me. 1-800-772-1413

i called the # a very polite woman answered thank you for calling

""portfolio debt collections agency""" how may i help you today?

i told her i called to see how much i owed capone and

the lady asked for my name and said are you still located in

florence ky i said yes and she transferred me right to a local office

the lady mrs. Currie answered right away to my surprise no waiting on hold forever and

asked for my name i gave it to her and she said is this for

cap 1 i said yes mam i informed her that i was looking for how much i owed capone she said your balance for cap one is


but i can offer you a

settlement plan 8% interest rate for a total of

$640.50 settle the account in full and i will send a letter in the mail within 21 days when the account is settled and payment is processed.

she said as soon as i get the conformation letter in the mail call

transunion* experian* and Equifax* myself ( major credit bureau) and tell them that i settled my debt with cap one and have my account noted and send in a fax of the settlement conformation so that way cap one can not have any more neg. affect on my credit score.

I was so grateful for her to tell me to do it myself even the debt collection agencies cap one uses are not trustworthy of this faulty company she told me in order to ensure my credit is not affected to do so.... This woman really seemed to care

i informed her that was paying from my Boyfriends checking account because i didnt want to have my own checking account for cap one to dip their hands into and she said they (her and her manager who was on the line) would have to have my bf

rob on line w me to confirm that he agreed to allow the payment from his account so i called rob and put him and the Collection Lady on speaker phone and talked to them both we gave them his information

Name address bank acc # and Rout #

she said again it takes 21 days to process and get letter in mail and that my

conformation # that

$640.50 would come out of his checking account under

7000portfolio *** pra.

so that way we know what the payment was for so we wouldn't be scratching our heads thinking what did we pay that was 640?

she gave me her # and her managers ext who was also on the line helping us find the routing # for robs bank account because we did not know it off hand and said to call if i had any questions at any time.

866-909-0529 Mrs.Currie ext 59506 for joseph smith her manager.

$640.50 was paid in full @ 10:56 am on Fri Feb 18th 2010

they asked for my name and address to send verification paper so i can have record that i settled the debt and asked for a brief description of why i stopped sending in payments in may of 2009 i told them that i had a 6 month old baby and his father left us with nothing no home no car no money and i lost my job as result and i tried using my protection plan i paid for since i got my cc thru cap one and tried to make payments but diapers and formula were more important than my credit score. i said that i would settle my debt when i was able to and now i have a job and am able to take care of what i owe. The lady said congrats on being able to find a job in the current economic crisis didnt ask for a phone # i said good i dont want any more 3am phone calls from india and cap one i had to change my phone # 2 times just to avoid their nonstop calls.

My Cap one acc was sent to Portfolio Debt collection agency, that has offices locally and the people were actually american i was surprised at how painless the process was and my result

"its cheaper and easier to let your account go to a collection agency instead of dealing with CapONE"

and the entire process was hassle free they even offered to allow me to make payments but i said i wanted to pay in full and the lady was surprised she said ok when do u want to schedule a payment i said right now? i guess she doesnt get that often but she was so very helpful that i agreed and just needed this burden lifted from my shoulders so that i can have one less thing to worry about for me and my son...

Jessica F.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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That great collection company are the biggest *** in the country. They have been and are still being sued for unfair collection practices.

I'd be willing to bet all the calls you were getting were from them not cap one. They call from different numbers tell you anything to try and get your money. They will call at all hours misrepresent themselves and so on. Now you have a charge off from Cap.One and a structured settlement from Portfolio and both will stay on your credit for as long as they can get away with it.

You will have to make them stop reporting it so whatever paper they sent you keep it safe so in 7 years you can prove that it should be removed from credit reports.

Also watch that they are not posting same account under a different number and may also change amount due. Good luck your going to need it.


Its cheaper to never pay. Credit scores are ***. I had a 796 credit score almost perfect by age 21. I got a captial one credit card taht you pay $19 a year on and used it once. After 3 years the card expired and they never sent me a new one. I assumed I was done with them.

Two years later I did a credit check and my credit was 560. I looked into it and capital one had been billing me $19 a year plus interest every month and I now owed them $360. They had never sent me a new credit card or a bill. I called and talked to them and they said it was their error and I owed nothing. But they wouldn't fix my credit rating.

I went from perfect credit to bad because of their mistake. So now I get 5 or 6 credit cards max them out and don't pay. After 7 years they go away. Its free money. My credit score is already ruined so why should I care.


Total BS probably posted by the collection agency.


I agree! 100%!

The debt was verified once they were called back and the information (name, social #, address) was verified. Ignoring the calls would have saved all that money! Sometimes debt collectors resurrect old debts in an attempt to make some money. With ancient debts, there's a good chance the collector doesn't have the original documents and your information, proving that you even owe.

Would you really pay money to someone who says you owe them, but can't prove you owe? Of course, not.


She forgot to mention that at the end of the year she received a 1099-R because the forgiven amount is considered to be income by the IRS. Still, the taxes due are less than paying the full amount like the rest of us poor honest hard-workin' folk.


How about paying your bills, staying in touch with those you are in debt with to make arrangements and acting like an adult? America is chuck filled with brain dead slugs that think everything should be free, if they can't afford something to buy it on credit, when they can't afford to bay the credit bill to just ignore it..

AND THEN get pissy when a company (that has tried every possible way to get a hold of you)tries to collect. Yes collection agencies are ***. Yes those that buy old bad debt and try to muscle you into paying are ***. You know how you get around dealing with ***?



hey, you don't know what people's circumstances are. a lot of people are in a similar situation!

it seems this girl did her best and eventually made good on it. a lot of people who are born and raised in this country are struggling to make a living while the illegals get it all for nothing!


sometimes life circumstances change. I actually have am currently in this situation.

I am working two Jobs and am a single mom and doing everything i can to keep food on the table and keep our home from going into forclosure. When i no choice but to change jobs it has taken me longer than i thought to get my income back up to what i am used to. I am not a brain dead slug...but also dont have enough time each and everyday to spend forever on the phone and try to work something out when i have no money to do so...i work from the time i wake up til the time i go to sleep at night and try to find some time to be a mom. i didnt expect to lose over 1000 a month in income.

I hope your situation never changes so you get to experience first hand what I am. I got my cards to build my credit and used to have more than enough money to pay them life isnt always black and white.


As other people have stated, situations change. I had a job where I was earning over 30K a year and went down to minimum wage yet still had the same amount of bills.

Plus I lost my health insurance. My medication cost over $300 a month without insurance!! I used what I had saved for a rainy day plus all my credit cards were paid off. I used them as a last resort and picked up odd jobs when I could as well as looking for another job.

Life happens!!! Some agencies work with you, others don't.

I had some agencies that were willing to work with me once I got back on my feet, others weren't. I did everything that was within my power to pay off what I owed.


I bet while you're saying that,you collect disability while working under the table,and all the while STILL LIVE WITH YOUR MOMMA!!! LMAO.

Try living your own life and ACTUALLY have YOUR OWN family and bills.

But hey, 40 ain't too old to be sucking your momma's tit dry eh?? DUMBA*S


I think this is true for other companies also. I bought something for around $300. I figured if I paid on it for 27 years or whatever at their rate it would cost me more than letting it go to collections.

@Marie Whatever

A 'whatever' bottom-of-the-barrel loser. I assume you knew the rate prior to purchase?

@Marie Whatever

You don't have to only make minimum payments and pay for "27" years. It's shocking to hear you charged $300 and you think its cheaper to let it charge off.