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I called Capital One after my cervical spine surgery that left me unable to walk good then unto this day. I explained that would be paying my bill a little late but i will pay twice that month in which I did exactly that. I was told on the phone by customer service no problem only to find that they put me in the credit bureau as late when in fact I could have gotten a loan from my credit union in a day to pay the entire thing off. I believe Capital one lacks in customer satisfaction as well as a communication gap by using a lot of none English speaking reps.

It is next to impossible to understand them and like wise.

Im truly sorry for everyone that has this credit card in their wallet

Capital one has the highest complaints among all credit cards

Filed with the bbb. Shame on Capitol one and their lack of customer care.

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Did they say no problem we won't report you to the credit agencies or no problem to the double payment? Doesn't matter what language they speak.

The only thing that does matter is what YOU agreed to when you took out their card and that was to pay it on time or you could be reported. Unless you can show them the special exemption clause in your contract, life happens.

If you're not a chronic late payer a single past due shouldn't matter much anyway. You probably should have gotten the loan since you know how this thing works when it comes to late payments.


Either way it really doesn't matter to me. You're absolutely right contracts are the only thing the matters (to you )in this life.

But to myself I will fight for whatever I will fight for my rights as a consumer, a soldier, and a citizen of the USA. And above all of that I will fight for the truth of God.

So pray that you stay healthy in this life. Because those same words are going to back and trouble your entire life


LOL.....Gotta love the passive aggressive curse deadbeats love to sling.... This ranks right up there with "you must work for this company" or "not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth." Speaking of God, you do know the Bible says that you're not to owe anything but love and MUST pay your debts.. Oh, I' sure you missed that part when you cherry picked the Word Of course,wishing bad on someone who pointed out how silly you really are is not permitted.