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I missed one payment in April 20011, which is due on the 15th of every month. i called capital One auto finance on several occasions and was told that i could pay the late fee at the end of my last car note, but in the mean time they will charged be monthly fee's, in the amount of $23.23, until i catch up with the payment i missed in April 2011.

I don't understand why they charged me every month for one missed payment, now my late fee's is $141.96. I was told on several occasions that they give me only ten days to catch up with my payment, if i cannot do that, then they have a right to charged me every month until that payment is caught up, nothing else can be offered.

I'm pissed, My monthly payment is $475.75, which i have been paying on time, accept for that one month i missed. It's bad enough i have to pay over $9,000 more for what the vehicle was worth, 2008 ford escape which was value at $27,000.

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Totally disagree Alex....I work in The Banking take out a loan and agree to make payments on Their Due Day.they don't care about anyone's excuses! We listen to it everyday! And that one late paymnent will affect your Credit Report!


Your complaint is totally non sense, u missed a payment in april but you countinue making payment after that month, right? So then what u paid on may was ur april paymnt and if u did not pay may within the grace period which for what you said is ten days therefore is why u have a late fee for may, not for april anymore, and same thing happen next month when on june u pay may and didnot pay june within grace period