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My husband has a acct with capital one. In the last 3 yrs he has lost 2 jobs and had 2 heartaches resulting in a qwintuple (5)by-pass.

I am working 3 jobs trying to make end meet while he is recovering. I am of course behind on everything. His auto loan is almost paid off. Principle balance 1859 but with late fees 2953.

I contacted them to see if they would work with me regarding the late fees. I was advised that they do NOT ever waive fees unless it is their fault. I understand that but here is someone who needs help and I get a manager who says I Feel Your Pain how about I *** $88. Everything helps I guess.

I am trying to get this paid off so I can get assistance and save my home. I don't have that kind of money, I am borrowing it from my boss. Absolutely no sympathy, courtesy nothing.....of course I haven't pushed the issue of them taking unauthorized payments from my bank acct. I went thru *** trying to get that resolved with them.

I ended up going thru my own bank and disputed them to get my money back. Once this acct is paid off and I have my title I will let them know how I really feel.

That Manager that thinks she feels my pain doesn't know the half of it. But they will.........

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make sure you don't have a bank acct at CapOne or any of the banks, by other names, that they owe. Preferably an acct in a locally owned credit union will be much safer. That has got to be a very ripped off feeling to find your bank acct has been raided by, but if the creditor owns the bank, they're going to get away with it.