Herndon, Virginia
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Paid off auto loan on 3/5/13 for elderly mother's car. Told title in mail in 5-7 days.

On 3/15 I received release of lien letter in mail but no title. I called and was told it was destroyed in mailing process. Told CO requested expedited duplicate title service and I would receive title in 2-3 weeks. I asked to go get title myself but told that I couldn't since they already asked for it.

I sold car for cash. New owner is waiting for title so he can register car and use it. On 4/1 I called Capital One to follow up. I was told it was in process.

Customer service rep told me to go to DMV and get new title. I called DMV to verify information. DMV said no request for title received or being processed. DMV said no fast or expedited service existed.

I called CO and I was told "they thought there was one but no record of it in file." I was told they requested it on 3/13/13, later they said 3/19/13 and finally told me it was sent on 3/25/13. I asked for copy of documents sent and timeline in file. I was told I need a subpoena for records! Supervisor said i could have conference call so they could explain.

I told her all they would do is continue lies so there was no use. They were ruining my reputation and poor reflection on my non-profit organization that I am employed. My mother is 76 years old, uses walker and has incontinence of bowels and colon. I will have to wait at DMV for new title for hours with my mother unless I get a power of attorney signed.

I will never use Capital One again for a car loan or credit cards. I am going to credit union to move current car loan. I am going to pay off credit cards and destroy them.

I am going to pursue an attorney to get subpoena and pursue possible other legal action. If they were not lying then they wouldn't mind sending me the documents.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

Monetary Loss: $8999.

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You receive the title with the lienholder and yourself on the title. They give you lien release letter so you can have the lienholder removed from the title yourself.

How do i know this? Ive paid off a car & a truck. You lost the title and now you're mad cause you have to go through the process of getting a new title.

Do like most responsible people do. Put you valuable paperwork such as birth certificates & titles in a secure rememberable place.


Why people sell their cars without titles in hand? Why would anyone go buy a car without title in hand?


thats funny considering the finance company doest get the title. You receive the title.

You or your mother lost it. You cant sue them for your stupidity.


Actually the finance company does get the title.