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On April 12, 2011 I contacted Capital One for a payoff on a loan that had originally been taken with Hibernia Bank in Louisiana. The agent that I talked to give me the amount of the pay off and took my checking account information to debit my bank account for the payoff. He then give me a confirmation number and thanked me for doing business with Capital One.

First of all, I did not sign a contract with Capital One. On one in their right mind would do that. My contract was with Hibernia Bank.

Any way May 28, 2011 I received a letter from this same agent telling me that my payment was late and that late charges had been added to the payment. I tried every five minutes for over an hour to contact this agent at his extension without any success.

I then called the customer service number and spoke to another agent who informed me that I was given the wrong information by the first agent I talked to concerning the payoff.

My whole deal is that now it has been reported on my credit information that I was late on my payment and now my credit score has been affected.

Again today, 5/31/2011 I have requested payoff and supplied information from my checking account for that payoff. So I have payed of this same loan a second time. Thank you Capital One for screwing up my credit report and cleaning out my wallet. May God bless you the same way you have blessed me.;

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Checking Account.

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Hello, I am sorry to hear about this experience. I work in the Capital One Home Loans Servicing Dept.

As of today, 6/6/11, has this been corrected? I understand the confusion with the Hibernia to Capital One situation. Hibernia and Capital One started to merger in 2005. You can find more info by inputting "Capital One and Hibernia merger."

Anyway, I would like to see if I can help.

I do not specifically work in the department that would answer these calls but I am still able to look into it.

If this has not been resolved please reply to this comment and I will get you my contact information. Once again, I apologize for the frustration.