Bellevue, Washington

I did get a capital one credit card thru the mail, I was surprise because I did not apply for credit card, the card had my middle initial wrong and the SS was wrong and the birthday to. They send me a fraud letter for the card I called them right away and ask them what the heck going on.

They can get me in problem with no reason.I was worrie about the situacion tha my wife and my self think about sue the company.

Afte that they start investgated me in my job everywhere, I very pissed off. No bussiness with them

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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You are the victim of an identity thief as well as Capital One is a victim. Someone was trying to use your information and obviously did not have it all correct.

Of course the bank is going to try to find out how the fraud occurred. You should thank them.


WTF did you just type? If the card has the wrong info (ssn, name, birthday, etc) then what are you complaining about.

It went be reported to the credit bureau since the ssn is wrong. If you want the card, give them the correct info and apply on your own.