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I use my card for every purchase and pay the whole balance every month. I usually pay twice a month, when I receive my pension and Social Security direct deposits.

I usually pay several hundred up to a couple of thousand a month. Payments are due on the first of the month, but since I was making large payments and wiping out my balance, I wasn't paying attention to the actual due date. When I got my pension check on January 1, I didn't make a payment right away. A couple of weeks earlier I had made a $600 payment.

Unfortunately, that $600 wasn't applied to my $50 minimum payment and in addition, instead of charging a late fee, Capital One suspended my account with no warning. I found out at the supermarket when my card was denied. When I got home I called Capital One, got mad but anyway paid the minimum over the phone. It took a couple of days for the account to be reactivated.

During those couple of days, my vision insurance company tried to post my regular payment with my card and my card was denied, which they said they informed me of in a letter but I didn't see it. Yesterday, I received a letter from the insurance company saying my coverage had been terminated due to non-payment. I called them and they reinstated me after retrying the same credit card. That was incredibly shabby treatment of me by Capital One and could have caused me to lose my insurance.

I'm dropping them. They don't want me anyway because I never have to pay interest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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they dont want you cause you pay your bills late. go get you a walmart prepaid card you seem like a pre paid card kinda person


If this person is paying twice a month and large payments to how can you say he or she pays the bill late? Capital One is the worst company out there.


It never fails to amuse me when companies screw up and treat their customers bad, and when they complain about it, said company hires trolls to try to put their spin on the company's bad behavior. :zzz :zzz :zzz


So I also was very disappointed with Capital One recently, I've been a loyal customer for 10 years, who has consistently paid the full amount of my balance by the due date, and have established a credit limit over $10K. I had issues with mail for a month, received my next bill, and realized I had missed a month's payment.

I never received any other notification, I quickly paid it, yet my card was declined even though it should not have been suspended by that particular date. I never received ANY notification that was going to happen. I contacted customer service, they did apologize since they HAD received payment before the suspension, but yet my card is still not working. They CLAIM they have removed late charges and interest, but I am suspect.

I have paid ON TIME for TEN YEARS. There has to be credit card companies that treat you better than this out there, right? Then when I ask about notification, I'm told on the phone to sign up on line, when I sign up on-line, I'm told I need to call ..basically put in an endless circle. Then I'm also told during my call, I should look at other newer card plans, ON LINE, versus speaking with me about options to get better rewards, although after researching, I am now suspect of the rewards.

So, since I was "suspended" I've decided to "suspend" Capital One, and am changing any of my recurring payments to other credit cards.

I've also researched that Capital One does not report your true credit rating to agencies, so after spending TEN YEARS establishing this credit, to have them take it away so quickly, as well as now realizing my credit score could be higher during my refinancing? I'm very disappointed.


What a load of ***! You seem to feel that because you're making large payments you don't have to abide by the actual due dates.

Ignorance and Arrogance at it's finest. :roll :roll


READ your credit agreement. Your payment HAS to be made within your BILLING CYCLE to count as a monthly payment, otherwise it comes off your principle. HOW can you be a senior and NOT know this??