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Update by user May 04, 2021

It hasn't it's still the same they refuse to update my account and stop making me pay the account yearly fee of 39.. and only give me a lousy 750. Credit line when I have other cards worth 2000.-9000- dollars and all my accounts are in very good standing I pay my bills Early a more than the minimum payment I even have 2 lones open and they're paid on time each month with out fail I want capital one credit card company to change my account to a no fee account and increased my credit line

Original review posted by user May 04, 2021

Years ago my wife and I had gone bankrupt back in 2006 when the stock market went belly up I had opened an account with orchard bank a secure account you put 300$ in and that's all you could spend.

A year later capital one bought out orchard bank and sent all the card holders and email saying that once our accounts were in the capital one system they would discontinue the account fee and make the accounts unsurcured well they did my wife's account and increased her credit limit.

Now we both had the same type of account but capital one didn't change my account they made me continue paying the fee I have fought them about this for several years now and they still won't change anything.

I'm worth 30 thousand dollars in credit but capital one still won't change anything but if I close my account it will lower my credit score and they refuse to increase my limit this is outrageous for capital one to get away with this they should have by now update my account from surcured to unsurcured but no they just don't give a blank I'm still paying the yearly fee and they keep telling me that they won't change anything they told me well just close the account and open a new account but because this account is my oldest account if I close it it will severely mess up my credit score and the time I've had credit so I'm stuck paying them for an account that they won't give me an increase in my line or remove the fee I have card's with credit line of 9000.00 dollars and others up in the thousands my credit score is well above 800 they just want the money they don't care about the customers at all. won't change anything one still won't won't change

User's recommendation: Stay away from capital one they are a rip off they just want your money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Capital One Pros: Lost all my trust.

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“ credit line of 9000.00” LOL. Do they need to paint you a picture?

You’re a poor credit risk whose score is probably based on your credit utilization(30% of your score).

They know you’re one sad excuse away from leaving them holding a the bag. This isn’t their first rodeo with people like you.


Hey Bozo I have never Left anyone behind my bills are paid up to date and I'm only using 3% of my credit why don't you just buz of I can go to any dealership and drive away with a bran new car with no money down I pay my bills Early a more than the minimum and I basically owe out there next to nothing just for your information I just bought a branew mattress and box spring and the company that gave me the account gave me a 5 Grand limit and my credit score is very close to the 900 which is the highest score you can get so bug off


And with "the highest score you can get" they said NO. Only a Bozo would sit around and whine about a business transaction and take it personally. If this is all you have, I understand and apologize.

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