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Capital One in Reno, Nevada - Cannot get into Capitol One Statement

Have been trying two days to get into my Capitol One account to check my statement. It says I don't have the right password. I have tried many times to get into my statement to no avail. This is very frustrating. I have saved my sign in name and password so I will not have to go through this all the time. What is going on? Have never had this much trouble since I started with Capitol One. If I cannot review my statement, I don't have to pay my bill and should not accumulate any late fees.
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You know....they employ hundreds of people to sit and wait for you to call and ask for help. I'm sure the phone number is on the back of your card.... are people really this *** or do users just make up weird stories on this site?


Common sense would tell you to click on the "forot password" link and have your correct password emailed to you. But apparently common sense is something you clearly lack. How would you id1ots survive in this world without us regular people here to help you out with the simplest of problems.

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Capital One Account

Capital One is Capital Greed

I am with many of you.... oh what they did to me after my husband lost his job and my hours got cut down to 24hrs a wk. I made a payment every month it was 3 days late due to my financial situation. So of course i got charged a over the limit fee and a late fee which as you all know equals out to $70+...Which knocked up my minimum payment to $150 for the next month. I called and all I asked for was a little help maybe knock off one of the charges so I could catch up right away. Everyone I talked to at capital one was extremely rude and said nothing they could do I had to pay the full $150 otherwise i would keep receiving both additional fees and they could not waive the previous fees even though my account was in good standing for years...this was all in the begining of 2009 and it has snow balled ever $500 credit limit is now at almost $1300..yes thats right $1300 all extra $800 of over the limit and late fees. I have called them several times trying to work out payment arrangements to get back on track. Their idea of payment arrangements is pay the $800 that I am over to bring my account current and if I pay that today they will give me a $100 credit so I would only be paying $700!!!! Are they serious?!?!Hello if I had that kind of $ I would have paid them off a long time ago just to get rid of them. Its such a shame, I use to have nothing but great experiences with this company until the economy got worse and then they decided to screw over all their customers. And please dont get me started on the annual card holders fee or the $25% interest rate which of course they wont lower either to help out since my account is no longer "in good standing". Amazing I have other credit card companies that were more than willing to help out but not capital one...they act like you are some kind of dirt bag who just doesnt want to pay their bills...Capital one will ruin my credit! And I refuse to pay $800 in their fees its total robbery...its a matter of ethics at this point and apparently capital one does not have them!
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Had similar problem and difficulty in paying and actually got called from their legal department. I set up a payment arrangement with someone who no longer works there probably because she was actually HUMAN.

I am automatically charged every month and was doing fine for several months, but there came a month when I knew I would not be able to handle the payment so I called and was immediatley routed to someones voicemail in the legal finance department left several messages which were never returned. Then when I called and left another message threatening to go to a supervisor I got a call back in which I was told that my previous messages were never received. Funny how they got that one though, and also I didnt leave any account info on the newest message that I left because I was too angry but hmmm they still managed to pull up my account info before they called me, and then told me how if they had gotten my messages it was too late for them to have done anything and I was charged anyway. Then when I told them that I wanted to stop the automatic payments I was threatened and told that it was set up for my own protection since I would be sued if I missed a payment.

Funny because the company isnt the one that set the automatic payment up I am the one who asked for it because the person I was dealing with at the time told me that if I ever knew there would be a problem paying all I had to do was call. I am totally fed up with them.


I feel great! I quit paying them for the same reasons I read here.

Oh yeah, they sued me, but guess what, I won in court! Oh what a feeling.


This company will spend more money on having their hired *** law firms trying to collect then they would if they have of just written of the minimun amount that people owe. It is jacka---- like this that get help from our government to bail their butts out, but then continue to be greedy and try and come after people who are having hard times in this economy.


I know what everyone means. Capitol One is a big rip off.

They will try to go after you no matter what your balance is. They are one of the worst credit card companies to have. And never mind getting the payment protection plan that they offer because it doesn't do any good.

I paid for the service and when I went to use it they told me that I had been unemployed to long, even though, I had been paying them. What an a------ company.


Happens I know a bit about the FCRA (Federal Law). These folks do violate it all the time.

No 30 days between calls. No timely delivery of statements (nevermind the 21 days now required).

When told not to call for a month they call in 18 hours, purporting not to have been told not to ... nonsense. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD


They are no good. They lied to me over the phone and told me they could give me a rate of 7.9% after a major hurricane struck the community.

They never kept their end of the bargain and as a result, interest rates and over-the-limit fees accrued.

They lie, try to rip you off and then try to take you to court and steal your money. Stay away from them!


Yes They are sad. I had one of there cards back when my credit was not so good.

It had a high rate on it.

So when my credit got better I asked if they would lower it and they said no, so I cancelled it and then got on the computer and got another one, from them! and a lower rate!

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Capital One Account

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