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I just took out an auto loan with Capital One Auto Finance in late December. My first payment isn't even due until February 1, 2011, yet I am receiving 6-8 calls PER DAY from them on my cell phone. When, after dozens of calls, I called the "877" number they provided, I was told they were calling to "welcome" me.

I provided my SS# and when they started asking questions about my address, phone #, employer, etc., I cut them off, stating that NONE of that info had changed in the 2 weeks since I took out the loan and that all I wanted at this point was for them to STOP calling me. I was told that they would remove me from the "welcome" call list, yet I'm continuing to receive calls.

I've called three different phone numbers today trying to find someone within their organization who can make the harrassing calls to my cell phone stop. I now have a message in to someone at their Corporate office in McLean, VA but am not optimistic that the calls will stop. I've never seen a business organization that was so intent in *** off a new customer under the guise of "welcoming" them. I don't need to be "welcomed". I just want the payment coupon in the mail each month and to be left alone unless/until I'm late with a payment.

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You need to do a little research of fair credit collection act and consumer protection act. Contact your local attorney general's office and report this harrassment under the fair credit collection act. They are using this "welcome call" as a ruse to harrass you and skirt the law it is against the law.