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I got the capital one aspire card for the rewards. Big Scam.

I called and they told me I had $1800 worth of "No Hassle rewards". So, i bought a ticket for a trip for about $3,000 and i called them and asked them to apply the $1,800 towards the trip. And unfortunately, they said that they can only apply the points if it covers 100% of the ticket. So, if the ticket was $1,800 then there is no issue.

But if the Ticket is $1801, then my points are worthless and cant be applied. Even with Air Miles they let you pay the difference in cash.

I also have an AMEX and they have no issue with partial redemption's. Calling these rewards as "No Hassle Rewards" is extremely misleading when they place restrictions that no other reward companies have.

Review about: Capital One Reward Card.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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If you'd read the terms and conditions that was sent with your card... you would have known this.

It's always been their policy.

Like it or not, it's plainly stated. No sense in complaining because you didn't read what you were agreeing to.

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