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Went in their earlier this week and mostly worked with the general manager, Dave, who was a real nice, "understanding of my stress" type of guy. I told him more than once that I didn't want to have a high payment so they took what I said and doubled it to make it easier for me.

And then, when I told them I wanted a zero down payment they said it would be $1,000...so I told them I want to do $500. They asked about my van, I said I could use it in as a trade-in and they said it would knock the down payment to $500...but it didn't (still stayed at $1,000). I paid the $500 and then they wanted another $500 within 1-2 days and they kindly kept my van I had just signed over to them. I found out all of this sweet news after signing over everything.

All-in-all they are very caring guys...until you start signing papers. The dishonesty came out and they screwed me.

I'm SO HAPPY my deal was canceled because I was 1099 instead of W-2 (they even asked me to lie to capital one and change my 1099 commissions to an hourly W-2 wage). You have no idea how much weight was off my shoulders when I found out the deal couldn't be done. I wasn't going to lie to capital one and try and change my wages.

I learned that you always ask first and make sure they have it in writing to how you want the deal done, otherwise they'll stick it to you and could care less about how your bills and pocketbook look like at the end of the month, they only care about theirs.

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I am confused. IS this review for capital one or a dealership? :x

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