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On November 26th, 2007, according to the letter received from the debt collector they use (AIC), the debt is now settled in full. We own our truck, free and clear? Not quite. There is still the matter of a lien release...a matter not being solved to our satisfaction at all. Capital One Auto Finance has repeatedly told us that the account still shows as delinquent. Capital One is required by law to report this as settled in full to one or more tax authorities. It states this in the letter we received.

When we call Capital one, we are immediately transfered to the debt collector. The debt collector transfers us to the nice lady at Capital One who is in charge of accounts which have been turned over to AIC. This number is never answered by a human being. We explain the situation and leave our account number, name and telephone number. The calls are never returned.

We are now on a mission. Now that the tables have turned and the debt has been paid in full, we will call the nice lady's number every hour, on the hour, around the clock. If our calls are not returned within a two week time period, we will retain an attorney to deal with this "Fortune 500 Company".

If you want an honest evaluation of how Capital One Auto Finance treats their customers, ask the "Unfortunate 500,00+" who deal with them, wise up, and stay as far away as possible.

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I have had my loan with CAP One for years now, but not my choice. My bank sold it to them. I was upset about this. Things were good, then I moved to Georgia. I missed my payment, was late about 30 days before I was able to get a job to pay. I called them to give them my new address. From time I moved to time I was able to get into a place, 26 days. 5 days after I called them, they repoed my car. I was mad about that. I had to borrow money, I just started my new job. *** huh.

Gets better. Have you ever made an online payment? Or made a check over the phone payment. Well last night, I got a call from Cap One, wanting their payment. I told them when they would have it, and apologized, since I was unemployed for about 45 days. They said ok, we can setup a payment for you. What are the last 4 of your SSN. I gave it to him. Then he said, ok, what is the last four of your checking account. I was like - WTF?!!!! How on earth do you have my account information. The only time I would have ever used it was for the online session you can setup to make your car payment, and there is no reason a collections rep should have that information. I WAS SHOCKED. I then asked, can you see more then 4 of my SSN, he said no. I then asked, can you see all of my account number, My mouth dropped when he said yes. He could see my banking name, routing number, THE WHOLE THING!! Everything he could want for the taking. My information is in Cap One's system for them to pass out to all of the high risk employees they have to begin with.

We all know how collections are - high turn over rate. I immediately asked to speak with a supervisor.

John Lanford got on the phone, told me that he would see what he could do to get it removed. I never gave them permission to have it to begin with. I am determined to get this information erased. He told me that it holds in the system the last way that a payment was made. So to me that says, that at any moment someone wants to be a ***, or hates me because I am rude to them, they can initiate and auto deduct payment from my account because they already have my information.

And who knows how trustworthy their employees are.

To top it all off, when I called them about 2 weeks before Christmas to let them know my payment would be about a month late due to unemployment, the rep was shockingly nice to me. He told me he understood, and said that I could get a deferment. I had heard of this before because my sister told me about it with her loan company. I asked about it when I moved out to Georgia, the time the repoed my car. THey told me it was not an option, and I would not be able to .

This time I said something about it, and the supervisor, who did not offer it, then openly said he would do what it takes to make sure I could get it, and help me out in anyway that he can.

This tells me that Cap One is illegally holding my information, and making it available to all of their employees who have access to the system.

Thank God I have employee benefits that have allowed me legal advice 24/7. I will be using that benefit before the end of this week if that supervisor does not call me back.