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Capital One in Columbus, Ohio - Won't help people who need a little bit of help.

I always made sure my payments were on time, then i had a child and my hours were cut at work. I called capitol one and asked them if they would be willing to close my account so that I wouldn't get charged over limit fees and late fees, and the only reason I was over my limit was because of the late fee, or intrest fee, well I tryed to close the account, and they told me that I couldn't close it! It would have to be past due for over 6 months before they could cancle it. Its a load of ***. so After 6 months on a 500 dollar limit, I now owe 1600 bucks. I will never own another credit card agian. It would have been diffrent If I just didn't care about my bill being late and let it go. But people who actually want just a little bit of help don't get it. It was my account, I should have been able to cancle it anytime that I wanted. If they can cancle it at anytime why shouldn't I be able to?
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Capital One Account
I called capital one to complain about the 59.00 membership fee. I requested that the fee be dropped or i would close the account. They insisted there was nothing they could do so i told them to close the account and return my membership fee. They tolld me that it was...
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you: If the account is expired why do you keep charging membership fee's I must not be a member if my account is expired.

you: I know my golf resort doesn't change me membership if my account is expired...

you: because I don't get the service of the card, to be charged a membership fee.

Lee: I understand what you mean but let me also tell you that this fee is due even if you do not use your card.

you: It's not about using the card, it's about the ability to use the service...

you: I do not have the ability to use the card, it was refused when I went to get gas today...

you: you said the account was expired.

you: Lee: But I see that your account now is expired. You can certainly request a replacement card by calling our toll free customer service number.

Lee: Yes, that's right. You account is expired but not closed.

Lee: Unless your account is closed the membership fee will still be charge.

you: so the membership fee is charged even if I don't have the right to use the card???

you: good to see that membership has it's privilages...

Lee: The membership fee will be charge although you do not use your card.

you: Then can I turn my card into a VentureOne card... at $59 a year I at least get milage for using it...

Lee: I'm sorry we do not have an upgrade offer on the account at this time.

you: You can't do anything with the account - like me - because its expired but not closed so you can continue to change me a fee for a card I can't use...

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Capital One Account
If you find a fraudulent charge on your capital one card, do not waste your time trying to resolve it. You will be put on hold over and over. They will send you a letter telling you the dispute has been resolved only to keep charging you for the disputed charge and...
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Well - wow Capital One resolved my credit card issue with a company called - they added a 19.99 per month auto billing thing on my card, I called them, they put me on hold trying to contact the merchant, had no luck, then after 10 more minutes they contacted intelius and put me on a 3 way call, had the merchant cancel the account and reverse charges..... Capital One is Great, you other guys prob f'd up and were toooo picky and fussy about what u bought... soooo

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Capital One Account

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