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I've read most of the complaints and comment all I can say is freaking boo whoo… For people like me who is rebuilding credit, paying all my bills on time for the last 2 years and who has a car loan with a buy here pay here auto loan place. You guys are complaining of calls, repo's and reps? But yet your BEHIND on your own loan..Seriously?? with my " buy here pay here" auto place I pay every two weeks $300 if I miss 3 payments for WHATEVER reason they will REPO my car!!.. NO I DON'T NOT WORK FOR CAPITAL ONE for any *** saying I do. Let me rephrase my sentence about my type of repo.. If I miss a month and a half they will pick up my car. There aren't any phone calls or no collection reps trying to make arrangements on MY own.

Some of you folks have legitimate reasons to be upset but the other half who's complaining about "false" repos..the multi phone calls a day was their way of saying " DANGER " … sadly to say I'm upset because I would love to have capital one or any other bank finance me a car with my credit. I understand stuff happens but it isn't the bank fault it's up to you to clean up the mess in your life. After having credit issue for so long I decided to research "˜ how credit works "˜ … a lot of you people don't know what a "˜ simple interest loan' is and what's the difference between your rights and the company right… Because if you understood these those two you people wouldn't be complaining. Stop signing contracts that you don't total agree… "But I had no choice my elderly grandmother has doctor appointments" stop it!! That's your life start making better decision!!!!!

The biggest laugh I had today reading these complaints were the people who stated the repo AFTER arrangements were made??? People the arrangements you made with capital one auto finance was the signing of your contract. Which states "I will pay capital one auto finance on such day for how many months until total amount is paid " it's fair to say MOST of you people are financial idiots. Good day!

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@PR...say the things you named did happen? what is the auto finance company's responsibility? are they supposed to let someone just keep the car without paying?


Yeah, well this is why it's called a COMPLAINT BOARD FOR CAPITOL ONE, lol. I agree with you about the 'you signed a contract....' remark. That's obvious with many banks, CU's, or heck any company you do business with.

I won't say my situation with CO is more worse than others because it isn't. But everyones situation is different. For one the changes in our economy. Some may have suffered job loss, divorce, death, foreclosure, etc. Creditors are willing to work with a client if the client is serious about keeping their account in good standing.

I feel though it isn't fair to brag by saying 'I pay all my bills on time, why can't you? If you make your payments on time then you wouldn't have problems, etc'. Capitol One is NOT innocent. They DO make mistakes too. It's not always the clients fault. Not everyone is irresponsible though and some things happen beyond our control. It's actually *** to even make remarks such as: 'You people are financial idiots' based on what the person posted in a thread. They just may have things going on in their lives, so maybe you should not be so quick to judge. If you're doing well financially, that's awesome, but don't be arrogant about it because the next person isn't. The same thing can happen to you.

None of us can cast stones. Just be thankful 8)


To me, it sounds like most of these peeps want special treatment for being a customer for the finance company for paying on time with their auto loan. My bill is due on the 15th of every month, and thus far i managed to pay the note way before it. no problems thus far, and dont see it in the near future.


You are correct. If most of these whiners would pay on time and follow the cotract they signed, they would have no problem.

Don't pay, you have a problem and by , by, car. :cry :cry :cry


Ok Alq, your reply is not only idiotic but elementary at best. :roll

So if a person, let's say lost their job but still had rent/mortgage payments, household bills, etc. and we all know that unemployment insurance is just enough to function on, please explain to me what a person should do? Because when it comes down to it, if your only options were to make your loan payment or pay your light/gas bill plus buy groceries, and if you have children they're always needing things....well we all know what the answer would be.


Well, ya know PR the scenario you lay out is quite plausible. Matter of fact it happens quite often, but even given that fact there is only one RESPONSIBLE ADULT thing to do!


...YOU call your lenders/creditors WHEN it first happens, BEFORE your account reaches a past-due status, BEFORE internal or external collections calls!

This is the time WHEN they will most likely work with you, and KEEP with what ever agreement you BOTH come to (in writing if necessary)!!

...and by the way, this is also something we should be teaching our children to do NOW, just saying!!!


Actually when my husband unexpectedly lost his job on new years day of 2015, the 1st thing we did was call them to let them know what was going on. They didn't offer any means of help, so we could stay up on payments.

We always paid our bills on time. This was very unforseen. We own our home free aand clear, praise god or we would really be hurting.

I just think before judging others u should think of the fact that we all have ddifferent reasons for getting behind, most of which are out of our control!! Not everyone goes aaround and takes on loans they can't afford, but there are hand full that do.,unfortunately!!