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For quite a number of months, if not longer, Capital One would send, on practically a weekly basis, at least 4 envelopes thru the mail, asking if the person wants to sign up for a Capital One credit card. Due to the fact that we didn't ask for this credit card offer, we'd shred every piece of mail from Capital One that arrives at our address.

We have even tried to contact the company, yet we have to navigate an annoying automated system in order to get the company to take our names off of their various contact lists. A few months later, the mailing offers don't stop coming. In fact, we kept on getting more of them.

Since the automated system failed to process our opt-out request, we had to reach an actual human to resolve the issue. At the present time, we're not confident that the issue will be resolved in a satisfactory manner.

Capital One Cons: Unprofessionalism.

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yes me as well everyday of week every person in this household receives a Capital one beg mail.In shread pile it goes.Wht do they not get a clue.I saved up 6 months worth and sent them all back in a big package. I thought it would make them stop.They stopped for a month then started again.I then looked up complaints and I know why they NEED people.tough I am not dumb.