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I have only been with capitol one for about a year. That being said I been running a high balance for most of that year, I decided to work on my credit and part of making that better was to pay off BOTH accounts I have with capitol one.

ok did that and they FROZE MY ACCOUNT and will not put that payment towards my credit. they had no problem accepting the payment and acknowledging my payment but told me because its a LARGE payment it would not post for TWO WEEKS. it cleared my bank three days ago. when I called them about it.

they wanted to do a three way call with my bank?

of course my bank realized this as ODD behavouir and will not talk to them and give them my personal info. the good news is since both of my accounts are paid off I can now CANCEL BOTH ACCOUNTS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: credit my account.

Capital One Cons: Customer service was the worst ive ever had.

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Of we're sure you've left out a few details. Next to collecting interest, credit card companies like collecting cash and keeping accounts current.

IF you're telling the truth, what's going on that they wanted to wait 2 weeks(or was it 10 business days standard to make sure a check clears)? Feel free to add additional details that would sadly not support your lame narrative.