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I just received an email less than a week ago telling my that my statement is ready. Six days after receiving this email I went online to pay my bill. And guess what????? I am some how 4 days over due.

I called costumer service, where they told me that they cannot help me. My account has been sent to collections. At this point I have no idea how past due my account is. I only used my capital one card number for IPASS, paying tolls. It is set up to take out money as needed. I do not carry that card with me. So I do not use this card regularly. I said that I wanted to cancel my account. He told me that I had to speak with collections about that. What??? I asked to speak with a manager and he told me that a manager would not speak with me. I asked to speak with anyone other than him and he told me I must speak with collections. So I hung up and called again. I spoke with another person who did not natively speak English, who was also of no help. So I finally said that I would speak with collections, just connect me and she hung up on me. So I called back a 3rd time and asked to speak to someone in America. Guess what? They were actually able to speak English!!!! I spoke with a woman first who was able to tell me that my account was 4 days past due. She said that when your account becomes one day past due they send you to collections. Seriously? WTF! I told her that I wanted to cancel my account. And she transferred me to someone who was able to do that!!! How hard was that?

I no longer have to deal with this company and their B.S. anymore!

I will say that speaking to the people in America were more pleasant to deal with. The guy that cancelled my card actually got me to laugh. But still much happier to not deal with this company anymore!

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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