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Please hear my words...... I have been with this bank for a long time. Not a couple of minutes.... not a microwave relationship..... I have been with them for a while now. I have always believed that companies do the very best they can to do the best they can for their clients..... But, not this time.

...Tragic. I have now been without food or anything for a 5 days now... Not because I chose to be. But, because this bank needs all the extra time they can get to get the interest on the money YOU DEPOSIT INTO YOUR account!!!! They draw interest at the end of the day....... 3:00 pm is the normal cut off time for interest to accrue on your account which the bank takes and makes their own..... So, they can give you excellent customer service..... so they say...... I am now in my 5th day of no food or anything..... so, sufficed to say I a[p;'/

\not a happy camper..... Now.... lets just think if this was your children going without food or anything for as long as I have because they refuse to make what they did wrong, right..... how happy would you be..... I am no one. Just a guy..... But, your children to you are everything...... lets think about that for a moment before you say anything.....

I had a simple issue of some guy thinking that I was his daddy and I was going to fund his little expedition to ca maroon..... And, he was taking money from me that he didn't earn in the least..... So, I said to Capital one," Hey I am not his daddy and he has no reason for taking money from me." ]

And, they said," Oh, I am so sorry for everything mister Harris, we will start a grievance right away!" Implying they had my back on this issue.. They didn't in the least. Again, as I have stated before, I have been without food or anything for the past 5 days! Their only recourse to this situation is," I am so sorry and it's on the way to you. And, if we make it any longer, it will take longer to get to you...... I present to you exhibit A. (please see attachment in exhibit A) this is the promised date.... which is actually later than the actually promised date of July the 30th. Just throwing that out there. I have been more than forgiving as far as this issue is concerned.

Then, when I want to know why it has taken longer than expected for things to come around as they should, I call them to which they put a bunch of snot nosed brats who have no idea what it means to be responsible for your actions on the phone to which I have to educate them on what it means to keep your word......

Now not only have I taken it in the face from this guy who thinks I am his dad..... But, now Capital one thinks it's their turn to try and kick me in the face over something I didn't have any control over.....

Given that bit of information over what I have dealt with since this whole issue started, make your own judgement call. If it were my kids going through what I am going through right now..... with no food or anything and bills accrueing interest because they just won't handle business as it should be..... Yeah, someone is going to hear about it. And, I am not done until they fix the *** problem. How *** lucid are you to think you can do people this way and it is called good business. It isn't and it will never be. Do not recommend this bank to anyone...... Steer clear!!!! If you have a better option, please take it for you and your whole entire family. It's not about you. It's about the bottom line. You are nothing more than collateral damage. And, that is all they are to you. Trust me...... when I get my card on Tuesday of the following week.... I will have nothing to do with this company again. Trash *** *** bank run by trash *** *** people. You can believe that 100%. Have a good one and make better decisions than I did in banking etiquette..... By the time I receive my card for my account, it wil be almost a week with nothing to feed myself or pay my bills or anything..... all the while they are holding my money until they are satisfied with what they have gotten back from my money being in their bank. a word or caution when dealing with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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