We are going through a crises in American and we need to speak with a USA customer service rep who understands what is going on in the united states with layoff and unemployment,

I was told there is just 1 option which is to extend you payment for 1 month when we will be out of work for the next 2 months and have been layed off since last month.

User's recommendation: we should be speaking to call center reps at least within the country you live in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Customer Care.

Location: Jonesboro, Georgia

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I asked them to reduce my interest as my income has been reduced due to the pandemic. They refused advised they would defer my payment but not the interest. They are a horrible company and do not care about there customers


LOL... Why so they can tell you the SAME thing?

Do you think just because you're talking to someone based in the United States you'll get a different answer? You couldn't be that stupid! Look fool, you can tell the rep(here or there) your story all you want but it's the computer and the rep's permissions that dictate what they can do for you. IF the computer, the same one over there says you only get a month, that's all you got.

You aren't going to get a better deal by talking local to them or the magic manager who you think will override a directive from corporate. They want to keep their jobs. Oh, and BTW, the people over there understand this better than you do. The whole country is on lockdown.

Force is being used against people who don't toe the line. They've been through this before.

They're probably thinking welcome to the big leagues rookie. "You work for them."

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