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How to get my car back from repod?

Try calling but already was to let and I had already broken the agreement. Try calling but they said it was to late . What else can I do to get my car back

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Harry Rollins
Your question is rather specific. You may try to reach out to Capital One Customer Service by phone at (800) 955-7070 (toll-free) or (800) 655-2265, by email at, or via the company social media networks. You may always write a formal letter to the Capital One top management team to Capital One Financial Corporation 15000 Capital One Dr Richmond, Virginia 23238-1119 United States.
Need info.
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How do I get my car back & a refund?

by AdventurousRobin852

On October 2014, my late mother & I purchased a black 2012 Ford Fusion from the Ford dealership here in Albany, GA. She handled most of the paperwork.

She had to put the car in both me & my father's name. The car was financed through Capital One Auto Finance. The car was repossessed by Capital One in July 2018. It was due to payments being too high.

They sent an unknown towing company to sneak & remove the car --- actually dragging & damaging the car --- in the middle of the night without warning. The car, even though it has some issues & had many recalls, was well taken care of me & my mother until her death in May 2016. Capital One refused to give me back my car. They said I owed between $2200 -- $6000 or more to get my car back.

I also had problems with the insurance company, Southern General, who insured the car. They & Capital One Auto Finance accused me of being in several accidents & deliberately damaging the car, which is not true. They also did not pay for claims. They also tried to bill me for the car damages.

Later, I also did further research on the car. The amount that the car at the dealership, the amount that Capital One Auto Finance was charging me for the car loan every month & had doubled & the amount of the car insurance every month was too high. The car was worth & the price of the car was thousands less. That means that based on the amount or retail value of the car, that the car was already paid off in the first two to three years of the loan, before my mother's untimely death.

So I felt robbed & scammed by Capital One Auto Finance. I would like my car back & and a refund for the damages & hardships that was caused by Capital Auto Finance.

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How long does it take to get a pin# in the mail?

I have requested a pin# twice now it's been over two weeks your customer service really needs work.If I don't receive it by tomorrow I will pay my account and cancel your card!! Thanks for the !!!!!!!

Service! Dennis O.

1 answer
Harry Rollins
According to the Capital One Help Center, if you just opened your account and funded it during account opening, or if you reordered a card and selected "Expedited Delivery", then your card will be sent via FedEx Priority Overnight and it should arrive in 1-2 business days. Otherwise, your card will be delivered via USPS First-Class Mail and it should arrive in 3-5 business days.

reversing a charge

This is St. Christophers Gift shop in Chatham, MA.

I am trying to reverse a double charge made to a customers card on June 27th. Is there a number for merchants to call?

Your Capital One customer is Elaine W. Vendetta. the last 4 digits of her card are 7451.

Expiration is 12/21. She was charged 28.00 twice on June 27th at our shop. I am trying to reverse one of those charges.

I am having trouble finding a correct number to call.

please email with a contact number. I do not have her full account number to enter on the automated phone call.

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Harry Rollins
Unfortunately, the company does not provide any information regarding merchants contacts. But you may always try to reach out to Capital One Customer Service by phone, by email, by mail, or via their social media networks.
Capital One Customer Service
  • Mailing Address: Capital One Financial Corporation 15000 Capital One Dr Richmond, Virginia 23238-1119 United States

According to, if you’re unable to resolve things with the merchant, you can begin the dispute process online.
  • Sign in to your account at the Account Sign In page.
  • Click on the charge in question and follow the directions under Report a Problem.


I finance a car with capital one auto finance though Metro Ford

1 answer
Harry Rollins
According to Pissed Consumer, Capital One currently has 1.6 out of 5 stars. The rating presented here is based upon the feedback of consumers left in 365 different reviews. This ranking includes a single star for both Capital One customer service and product and service quality. In fact, the term “horrible customer service” was at the top of the list of Capital One complaints posted on the Pissed Consumer website. You may check out more details regarding Capital One customer experience and their products and services given in the article Capital One vs Wells Fargo Pros and Cons of Online Banking”.

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