Minneapolis, Minnesota

We have a company credit card and the owner of our company had enough miles for me to use to book a flight Mpls, MN to Las Vegas, NV. We went on line to redeem rewards through the Capital One site and filled in my information as the passenger (name, home address, date of birth, email address, and phone number).

The itinerary was suppose to be emailed to me. After a few days of not receiving anything we called Capital One and they sent me the itinerary. After reviewing I noticed that the passenger name was not mine, but our owners name even though all the passenger info entered on line was my info. Capital One first checked with Delta and they would not do a name change since it's a non refundable ticket.

Capital One travel said they would have to have their techs pull a footprint of what was entered to see if it was a website glitch and they would call us back in 3-5 days. Since travel was to occur in 14 days we asked them to expedite, but they insisted it would still be 3-5 days and they would call us as soon as they confirmed. After 6 days we had to call them again, talk to 3 different people and explain what happened over and over again, finally after getting a Manager we were told they determined it was not a computer glitch. We insisted my information was entered and we have two of us that witnessed the info entered.

We asked them for a copy or screen shot of what was entered. The Manager snapped back and indicated they don't release any info without a court order or subpoena.

I had to book another flight and now we have lost out on the miles that were used and Capital One won't give us the miles back. I think the flaw in their on line booking is that the credit card/reward points used was in our owners name and we were logged in under her account to use her miles, so even though I entered all my information as the passenger it defaulted to her instead of using my info.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

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