Sterling Heights, Michigan

Our auto loan had gone into default and we received a notice by Fed Ex to pay the remaining balance in full. After calling their Customer Service line and paying over $1,000 on February 17th, our vehicle was still in repossession status, so we made payment arrangements which are supposed to start on March 15th, with extra payments coming every two weeks until the end of April.

Instead of taking our loan off repossession status, they just came and towed our car away and that is the only vehicle we have to use to get to work! I tried calling the lady I make the arrangements with to have her call the towing company to tell them not to take the car, but it is Sunday and there are no representatives available to talk to. Why do they send people on Sunday when they aren't even open to clear up any disputes??? If I ever thought about getting another car loan through Capital One, I have changed my mind.

I will never do any kind of business again with anything associated with Capital One!!! They are a bunch of crooks!!!!!

They prey on people with credit problems, and then screw them over even more!!!!!

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This happened to me too


Oh yes, it's all their fault! It's the typical whining and wailing of a sorry deadbeat.

By YOUR OWN admission, YOU failed to pay on time. YOU caused the collections activities and YOU caused the repo. If you don't like the consequences of paying on time!

The only people here who will agree with you are deadbeats...the real high class of society. Don't bother...I don't work for them!


if I were you i would not judge anyone because you may have a job or not falling on hard times before god has away of dealing with people like you could hit you take everything you own money, material possessions, loved ones,break you ,from your idols which is called idolary,carma has away of coming back on you god will show you what's in your heart

@David t

"carma "

It's Karma son... Speaking of which, it's not what you think it is.

5. The Law of Responsibility

If there is something wrong in one’s life, there is something wrong in them.

We mirror what surrounds us, and what surrounds us mirrors us; this is a Universal Truth.

One must take responsibility for what is in one’s life. Oh, and it's Idolatry and it has nothing to do with not paying your bills on time.

i·dol·a·try īˈdälətrē/Submit noun worship of idols. synonyms: idolization, fetishization, fetishism, idol worship, adulation, adoration, reverence, veneration, glorification, lionization, hero-worshiping "the prophets railed against idolatry"


Have some compassion. People have struggles in your life. I guess you must be Perfect!!

@Cancergrl 65

"Have some compassion. "

Show them the compassion clause and they're off the hook.

If you feel so strongly, get in touch with the original poster and send them the funds to take care of their note rather than ask someone else to do it.

Look at the post above, I see what it means. If you surround yourself with people like you and those who can't pay their notes, you become those people.

Get out of the someone should "work with me" mode and away from people like you and folks will be surprised how far they go in life.


Once you are late, or in default, if you call you will automatically be routed to someone in collections. These people are generally paid commissions so if you agree to give them money on a call, they will agree to anything.

If it is less than full payment af any arrears there is no change in tour default status.

They eill still repo. Unless it is in writing anything they tell you is a lie.


I am so glad to know that I am not the only on ethat this has happened to. I did the exact same thing and they sent a tow company at 1 oclock in the morning.

Ironically I was just getting off from work and pulling into my driveway.

When I tried to speak with Capital One they ignored me and told me all of the money they expected me to pay to get the car back. Needless to say it was truly and absolutely ridiculous.


Capital One is a bullying, heartless, greedy company that preys upon people who can least afford their outrageous high interest loans, knowing this is their last resort. I had little choice, with credit damaged mostly by health bills, being disabled and living in an area with limited public or handicapped transportation.

My life depends on having a car, so I had to take out a loan when my old car died. Unfortunately, I became too ill to work and am still waiting for SS Disability to kick in, so am without an income for now. I have been fortunate enough to get some help from friends and relatives, but right now, have to wait for a check to arrive from NY to where I live, in Seattle, to make the next payment.

It has already gone to the repo dept since the payment was due yesterday.

I wrote a letter to the corporate office two weeks ago and pleaded with the loan supervisor today to give me just a couple more days for the check to arrive and be cleared by my bank, but they have refused. They say my car could be picked up at any moment. What jerks! All I'm asking for is two more days, and they absolutely won't give me that leeway.

Even the IRS and student loan agency deferred my payments for a year and were nice about it. Capital One are blood-sucking loan sharks!!


I mean, how OBVIOUS is it? If a car is important to you, then be smart enough to make your payments on time!


"Even the IRS and student loan agency deferred my payments"

And with all the you're still unable to make your payments huh?

They're no fools.

You sound overloaded with all sorts of debt. They came for their ride unlike the student loan folks who can't take back that not so valuable education(probably from a for profit) that the rest of us are stuck with.


What IRS plans allows for a deferment?

Did they say you don't have to pay anything for a year or did you get on a payment plan with them?

If so, knowing how the IRS can be, did you decide it's better to pay them and bend Cap1 over and pay them when you feel?


I'm so sorry that happened to you but they did me the exact same way after they had been working with me and I caught it up except for two months so I completely understand how you feel...


I am so agreeable with you. I have purchased a suv for 17,000.

And capital one gave me 26% now I am in trouble after 2.5 years. I have lost my job for 3months. Now its on the repo line. I have no other means of getting to work.

I will never do or take any loan or credit from them again.

Capital one has ruin the unfortunate people who are trying to have a come back. How could they get away with this?. there a law? When you think you are finished paying for the still have half payment left...I am so angry with them.


I will never ever do buisness with Capital One. They are a bunch of crooks and prey on those with bad credit and take total advantage. Someone needs to sue them!


We went in default on the loan, made extra payment the following payment then was blocked by capital one from making our payment online. Next thing you know, our car is gone.

Including down payment we have giving them $12,000 of our money. Capital one told us we had 20 days to pay them $1700 before the car went too auction. We paid them the sum to get our vehicle back the 20th day they give us a confirmation number to give the repo to release our car. Was told by repo company the car was sent to auction and has been there the last five days.

The auctioneers is in another city. How can they tell you you have 20 days, then ship it to auction on the 15 day or earlier?


I work for a repo company, there’s 21 days before it can be sold at the auction. That doesn’t mean it’s going to sit at the repo yard for 21 days.


"blocked by capital one from making our payment online.Next thing you know, our car is gone."

You were blocked because you were too late. Clearly you haven't been talking to them and probably dodging their phone calls.

Blocking you is a way to FORCE you to call while they can do something for you.

How do I know, because this happened to me while I was playing games with them, paying just enough to keep them from coming out.

Sooner or later you slip up on the math and they're coming.

Fortunately I called and was able to get the note current avoiding a repo and saving money. They asked a few questions one of which "are you still working?" If you're not, what can they do for you?

Probably the reason you didn't call them. You already knew this.


Wow. Seems to me people who default on their loans are getting mad because the banks are taking back their collateral.

From the moment you breach the contract Cap One or whom ever hold the loan have a right to take back their collateral. It's all in the papers you sign. Until you come currant on your loan they can and will repo your car. Plain and simple.

It's the same with ANY and ALL banks. You have to know it truly is not the bank who is at fault.  I think there is some misdirected anger here.

@Repo Chick

Current fool

@Repo Chick

Misdirected? That's the serial deadbeat mentality!

They bring consequences upon themselves by not paying them come here to blame them for the consequences they brought upon themselves! In response to me or you, their limited mental capacity prevents them from coming up with any intelligent point-by-point rebuttal of what those who speak the truth say.

The only words they can put together is "you must work for them". It's just a sign of what this society has sunk to with the disgrace of these sorry, whining, wailing habitual deadbeats!