Monroe, Louisiana

I was only one month behind on my Capital One Auto Finance loan and they repossessed my car with no notice. They took my car in the middle of the night on a school night for me and my children.

Personal belongings inside of the car. They made me come up with all the necessary paperwork for acquiring the car in the first place, then told me I needed to pay two months to get the car back in 10 days, along with any repossession fees associated.

I still do not have the car, because I am coming up with the repo fees. DO NOT FINANCE THROUGH CAPITOL ONE

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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So when were you fired or your job outsourced? You sound like a bitter ex-worker who was content to do "bad things" to their customers as long as they got paid for it but now are moral warriors now.


can capital repossed your car doing a grace period


Are you serious? Why are you asking people who obviously have problems paying their bills on time?

Are you asking for Pro Tips on getting one over? Ask C1.... Talk to them if you're in trouble and see if you can sort something out before they do come for your car.

Communication is the key here folks. Make a choice, take bad or malicious advice or get the straight *** from the horse's mouth.


I paid 5 years & 11days before the final payment was due they took my truck in the middle of the night after we had already called them. Had to pay repo fee & final payment was not even due.

How can you *** get away with that. Hope you sleep good.


"I paid 5 years & 11days"And you point is what? The question here is why did you wait 90 days to make your final payment. No one repos unless you're 90+ days past due.


Capital One is on my bad business list as well. My repossession was noted my fault, but the procedure is horrible.

Then if it’s a weekend they make it seem like their closed, yet they call your phone everyday all day for a payment. Payment arrangements made and they still sneak and get the car personal belongings, license plate still in and on car and my car wheel was locked and emergency brake was activated so they dragged my car...


"car wheel was locked and emergency brake was activated"Sounds like you did everything but hide the VIN... Typical deadbeat who tried to get over but found themselves under.Here's the thing, for WHATEVER reason you were at least 3 months behind.

They're coming for your car if you don't pay up immediately. You KNEW this but kept your stuff in the car. That's on you.FYI- Don't finance anywhere if you're not going to keep the note up.

Don't wait until 90 days to talk. The second you know you're having problems, get on the phone and try to cut a deal.


No it all ***


Just got my car repossessed from capital one this morning. No warning.

They sent me an email last week, I called to set up an agreement with them, but all they tried to do was take payments out of my account on days that i wouldn't even get paid. And now I couldn't go to work, so I'll probably lose my job too. This is my 1st car loan in in many yrs.

I'm not happy with capital one. They are terrible!

@Cancergrl 65

I even explained to them my daughter who co signed is going through serious medical problems and had to quit her job. I was making all the payments.

I've had car loans in the past and never had this pronlem.

Capital one call me. I tried getting in touch with you

Mary calabro

@Cancergrl 65

"No warning."

Right.... You had plenty of warning.

For them to come out, you have to be down at least 3 payments. I'm sure they were ringing your phone off the hook unless you changed numbers or blocked their numbers.

I'm also sure they sent out letters and the regular bill saying you're in trouble and to call.

Then when it hit, you thought you could call in after all that time and give them a story.

They tried to help by telling you that a payment must be made on XYZ day or the car is gone.

What was the point of calling if you couldn't pay them their money. To make things worse, you told them you couldn't count on the co-signer either. Of course they're coming to get it. Pro-Tip 1-Don't wait 3 months to call.

Call the second you can't pay and see what they can do for you. Who knows, maybe put a payment or two to the end of the loan and collect interest on it. Banks like interest. 2-If you have money for an internet enabled device to post banal complaints, cut it off.

All you need to do is be able to make calls if you can't pay your car note. 3-Update your contact information, answer the phone when it rings rather than going to 800Notes to see which of your bill collectors is calling and then block the number.


You are 100% Correct Capital one does not repo a car for being 30 days past due. She at least missed 3 months if not more.

She got calls and emails. I'm sure they called her contacts as well.


Well sir or mam which ever I had no warning I got one phone call they left a message to contact them I did a couple of days later cause I had been sick and while I was on the phone with them that morning they set up payments and nothing was said I was 2 mo behind due illness that took a lot of my funds that afternoon a knock was at my door and my car was ready to be towed away the gentleman did give me chance to get my possessions out but I had no warning


Tell it to them straight! Don't blame Capital One for your life mis-management...I know it sucks to be on the phone with them when you're having financial trouble, but trust me, it pays (no pun intended) to own up to and take care of your mistakes...communication is key. Ignoring them will not make them go away, but it will cause them to come swipe your ride in the middle of the night!


"What was the point of calling if you couldn't pay them their money." this is about the most ignorant statement made that ive read. So people can just say, i cant pay so this is why i was avoiding speaking with you for 12 months.


Oh, now that is a load of bull. I called a few months back about being behind on payments due to a move and a change in salary.

I’m making way less now then what I was when I first got my auto loan through Capitol One. I couldn’t afford the monthly payment only making a little over $340 a paycheck when my payments are 291.97. I called about moving my behind payments to the back but the stupid dot head decided to let me make small increments to get caught back up. He said I couldn’t do that.

Well guess what, even though I was making small payments I was still getting hit with late fee after late fee. On top of the current months that I still couldn’t afford to pay in full due to struggling to pay what I was behind on. He knew this and they know that. It’s how they run their business.

It’s just a corrupt company that only cares about your hard earned money and putting you into more debt. That is their game. That is every credit card companies agenda. You are dumb to say otherwise.

This anon person is nothing but a jerk on replying to everyone. How about you unhide yourself and own up to your words. Just a wuss of a keyboard warrior who likes to shove people’s struggles into their face and make them feel like *** But no, sir or ma’am, it is you who is the *** People struggle, it’s inevitable and things do happen that they can’t control. So screw you for saying that people can’t try to fix themselves out of a rut even if it isn’t successful.

I hope you come to know struggle one day because apparently your parents fed you with a silver spoon in your mouth. You just walk around acting like your *** don’t stink. You are probably a loner with no friends if that is the attitude you bring forth to people, especially strangers who are being raped in the butt from this lowly company.

But carry on kissing the feet worshipping this corrupt and unprofessional company. Suits you well.

@Cancergrl 65

So were you able to speak with a representative whose first language is EnglisH? I know so far every time I have tried to call to talk to a rep all I ever get is a rep whose accent is so thick that is causes a language barrier which means trying to conduct business or get an issue resolved is like heading your head on a brick wall to get rid of a headache.

@Cancergrl 65

That is absolutely awful. I'm so sorry to hear you and the original poster went through this.

I have no advice or horse in the race, it's just upsetting to hear stories where massive finance companies screw over people who are just trying to get by. Utterly disgusting.