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My story starts with a card we had issued in our nanny's name. She went to buy a gift for my wife while I was at work. This was denied, they then called my wife at work but told her they could not resolve the issue, and she suggested I call the company. I did this from work on my cell phone, and was told I would have to go home to fix this problem, Calling from my home phone line as listed in their system. I tried to prove my identity on the phone, but the first question they asked was what month and year my card was issued. I was then told I could fax in copies of identification from work, including my latest utility bill. When I asked the agent if he kept his utility bills at work, no response. Ultimately, I did go home and called, and was told this as well was not good enough. Finally, I was directed to go to the bank and call from there to prove my identity.

I have now taken time out of my weekend to go and do that. It took the agent at the bank 15 minutes on the phone, For transfers to different departments, and multiple verifications of my photo ID to resolve this issue.

This is ridiculous. I applaud any financial institution in their eagerness to protect customers from identity theft, but when the rightful owner is not able to prove his own identity on the phone, There is some sort of problem. None of the security questions I have entered and answered online or if any benefit.

If I had been out of the country, I would've been completely screwed. When I asked to speak to managers during this process and my multiple phone calls, I had no additional assistance.

To me this is incredibly poor customer service and I will never deal with them again. I have dealt with identity issues with other credit cards and have never found it to be this cumbersome.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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As someone who actually does work for Capital One, in the heavy spend dept. I can agree with the person who posted below...

Only if you have a credit card with a limit below 10k. At that point, you are routed to "core" agents. These people handle 50-100 calls a day. They deal with card holders who are legitimately building credit.

But, as with any dept within capital one, I believe its safe to say about 70% of all card holders are incredibly rude. Clearly, most customers have never heard "you get more flies with honey". If you are lucky enough to speak to someone in Tampa, they pretty much have the power to waive all fees.... If you are nice.

We are humans. Have a little respect for the person on the other line. Don't make demands, simply ask for what you want in a polite manner. 9 out of 10 times, (depending on the request..

waive late fees, interest, amf..) we will be more than willing to help you. And please, I beg you for my own sanity.... try to figure out issues for yourself first... enroll online..

you can see statements, current charges/credits, create travel notifications, make payments and set up alerts. DONT call me and request the phone number of the hair salon you visited 2 months ago (yes, that happens).. Do call if you don't recognize a charge AND you have already researched the company and/or called them FIRST. No, I can't just remove a charge from your account because you changed your mind..

I can enter a dispute and perform and investigation... But these things take time. If you have fraud charges, we NEED to change your card number for security reasons. You do have 0 fraud liability but we will call the company with you first just to verify what the charge was for.

Roughly, 65% of the people who believe they have been compromised, realize the charge is legitimate and thank us for our times. We like being addressed by our names and being told Thank you. We respect you by calling you Mr/Ms. We listen to you and genuinely wish to help...

If you aren't screaming at us. We can't and wont help if you don't let us explain what we CAN do for you. I'm sure there are agents who aren't as friendly as you believe they should be. But how would you feel, if your previous customer called and immediately started belittling you.

Many customers use foul language and make outlandish demands. Rarely do we hear a rational person on the phone. I know it's stressing when it comes to dealing with credit and money..... we have the same issues in our personal lives.

If you take a deep breath and put a smile on your face.....

Your problem will mostly likely be solved right away. If not, we will go the extra mile to solve the problem WITH you.