Atlanta, Georgia

2 gentlemen were extremly rude; took advantage of the situation because nothting can be done to them because Captial One doesn't work with individuals that have a hardship Gordon at 866-915-5207 and John Rep HVS792 wouldn't assist unless I was able to give $100, even though the paper work says, if unable to make minimum payment call us for arrangements..they are all liars and inconsiderate to those that are trying to communicate with credit card companies. Please put these people out of work so they can understand hardship. Please help me, I can't afford to make payments.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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The Capital One piranhas are outsourcing their collections to a company called Global Collections out of Ontario Canada and they do not follow any rules.

I don't have a Capital One Card so I know this isn't my bill they are calling about - is this an Identity Theft Scam.

If there isn't already a Law about collectors from Foreign Countries

having to follow our Credit Protection Laws = there should be. (YOU THINK?)

Call your US Representatives and tell them this stuff has to stop now!!!

No foreign collectors calling US Citizens!

Don't we have unemployed people in our Country who could use a job?

Find your US Representatives by calling:

1-800-FED-INFO (1-800-333-4636) or emailing at:

Have faith, we need to stick together on this and get it stopped NOW!


I am with many of you.... oh what they did to me after my husband lost his job and my hours got cut down to 24hrs a wk.

I made a payment every month it was 3 days late due to my financial situation. So of course i got charged a over the limit fee and a late fee which as you all know equals out to $70+...Which knocked up my minimum payment to $150 for the next month. I called and all I asked for was a little help maybe knock off one of the charges so I could catch up right away. Everyone I talked to at capital one was extremely rude and said nothing they could do I had to pay the full $150 otherwise i would keep receiving both additional fees and they could not waive the previous fees even though my account was in good standing for years...this was all in the begining of 2009 and it has snow balled ever $500 credit limit is now at almost $1300..yes thats right $1300 all extra $800 of over the limit and late fees.

I have called them several times trying to work out payment arrangements to get back on track. Their idea of payment arrangements is pay the $800 that I am over to bring my account current and if I pay that today they will give me a $100 credit so I would only be paying $700!!!! Are they serious?!?!Hello if I had that kind of $ I would have paid them off a long time ago just to get rid of them. Its such a shame, I use to have nothing but great experiences with this company until the economy got worse and then they decided to screw over all their customers.

And please dont get me started on the annual card holders fee or the $25% interest rate which of course they wont lower either to help out since my account is no longer "in good standing".

Amazing I have other credit card companies that were more than willing to help out but not capital one...they act like you are some kind of dirt bag who just doesnt want to pay their bills...Capital one will ruin my credit! And I refuse to pay $800 in their fees its total robbery...its a matter of ethics at this point and apparently capital one does not have them!