Chattanooga, Tennessee

I ran into hard times last year. I owed Capital One Bank $700.00. I couldn't pay on the debt. After several months went by, the interest, and collection costs zoomed. When the debt approached $2000 I had a family friend who is an attorney try to contact some of my creditors to offer settlement agreements. HSBC settled. Capital One played hard ball and flat out sued me.

Luckily, I was on public assistance, and they could not move forward with the judgement. I was recently hired back again FT. Now they are attempting to garnish me. No surprise there.Hate to file a bky 7 over this, but I cant handle a 20% hit on my check.

I'm pissed because Capital One got bailed out with TARP FUNDS. I didn't. For them not to settle on a smaller amount was BS. Now at least my conscience is clear. I tried to pay them something, and they balked. As a result, they will get zip, and they are taking all the other creditors down to boot, if I decide to file a #7.

Never, ever, ever, do biz with this operation. They are foreign to begin with. They are ruthless. Stay away!

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"Written by us on August 22, 2011" What do you mean deadbeat? It sounds like he lost his job and there's no way to know if it was his fault or not. Probably not considering how employment works in this country.

I don't understand the tendency people have to assume that anybody who isn't successful is a deadbeat waste of life. Just because you were able get a job and support yourself doesn't mean that other people who can't are *** or lazy or worthless. Some people are presented with far more opportunity than others.

Things can be a lot harder when you don't have parents to support you while you save up money. It's funny how many people I've seen blow 1000s of dollars of their parents money every month and then they try to ridicule those less fortunate as if they had anything to with their parents' financial success.

And besides all of that, capitalOne is definitely to blame. capital One is a CC company that started building bank branches just to get TARP money from the government. The entire company was built on a lie and is essentially just a scam.


Why is it so many people think of going bankrupt as a way to screw the bank. Did you know that through the government, the bank can get the money anyway and all you will do is stop yourself from getting anything.

You do not know that you will not want to buy a house, pay for a wedding or vacation in the next 7 years.

Capital one does suck though. :(


such a small amt to file ch7 over? get a part time job or give up beer for a few weeks bro...


Most Deadbeat bashers are OK with banks and others breaking the law. Never understood that part.

(unless that's where they work.)

Hello, Mr. Big Bank, when someone offers to settle it might be in your shareholder's best interest to settle.


Why do DEADBEATS like you always blame everyone else for your faults?????????? :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset :upset