New Hope, Alabama
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I opened a secure card with a $500.00 payment in 2011. I was making payments as normal and admit I fell behind.

The balance when I closed the account was over my limit. After closing the account and paying the full balance I never received my original payment for the $500.00. The account was closed in April of 2012 after fighting with them for several months, I just gave up. Since then I have moved houses and just let it go.

So to my surprise I received at my new address a statement regarding the account. When I called thy could never give me the correct information about why this was never closed. I spent a total of 12 hours on the phone only to get they closed the account andwould look into my secured payment. I never received a confirmation as they said about the account being closed and nothing about my $500.00.

Today I received another statement about the account, so I called. Once again I went through the issue and told the samething a letter will be sent and we will look into your refund. I am so put out by this company. I googled the US number only to get transfered back into India.

The other thing is you cannot get a number or address to file a dispute. Why is this company so hard to deal with over a confirmation letter and my secured deposit?

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Account.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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"How are they still in business?"

A) They have billions of dollars in revenue, so fines and complaints don't hurt them. B) New customers tend to be ignorant C) As with any bank, they can "fix" the books in their favor.


"Why is this company so hard to deal with"

Because they want "Whats in your wallet", and do not want to give up what is in theirs.....


After reading all the issues this company produces, how are they still in business. Well I guess they are because the consumers get the shaft.