Arlington, Massachusetts

Capital one do not even deserve one star, they should not exist.I apply security credit card for my parents, so they can build credit. I paid security deposit and capital one sent them a credit card.

So I called to activate the cards they told me that they have to speak with my parents, which is completely understandable, so I told them that my parents can not speak in English can you find someone that’s speaks Armenian or is there other way of verifying them, so they told me that I can go any bank and bring my parents with their ID and that banks manager can call and do id verification, which I did. When we got to the bank I ask manager to call Capital one when he did call Capital one they told him that it is not good that they do not do ID verification, so I called them back and ask what else can I do? They told me to send POA papers. I did send POA papers and Capital one told me it will take 14 business days to take in effect.

So guess what this is more than a month the papers are not in effect yet, so I called them again which was my 30th phone call to them and still I can not activate their card or close and get my money back. And still they not giving me any solutions what I can do.

The nearest Capital one branch to me is in CT and I am in MA. I ask the phone number to their corporate office, but no one appears not knowing their corporate phone numbers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Capital One Credit Card.

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